Digital onboarding is a critical part of the customer experience for financial institutions. As a result, it’s important to have an effective customer onboarding process in place that will engage new customers and help them get up to speed with your company quickly. In this post, we explore how you can create an engaging digital onboarding process for banking by following these six steps:

1) Define your target audience

It’s important to know who you are targeting in order to create an engaging experience for them. From professionals in the financial industry to younger generations from the digital age, you need to clearly identify the characteristics of your potential customer base and current platform customers.

2) Create content based on their needs

Content is king and the biggest factor in ensuring a successful digital onboarding experience for your target audience. When setting a new account the content on your customer onboarding software should be customer-friendly and based on their needs. The digital version of your customer onboarding process should be smooth and easy to use. You need to create content that speaks their language and provides them with the information they want when they want it.

3) Build your content strategy

The most important part of any marketing campaign or long-term business goal is to build a strong foundation and create a plan for success. The same goes with building out your digital onboarding process If you want the best chance at achieving new customers. The strategy should include all your digital marketing efforts, including those for existing customers. You need to set a plan for your new digital infrastructure, updates on your current digital channels, and of course your seamless onboarding experience.

4) Make sure everything is easy to find during your digital onboarding process

It’s important that you make things as simple as possible by creating a very smooth digital customer onboarding. The navigation should be very easy and the available tools should not need further explanation. For example, you can link to the FAQ page of your bank’s mobile banking app to see some screens that include onboarding your customers. You need to efficiently digitize your onboarding process.

5) Increase engagement for your customer onboarding experience

The digital customer onboarding process should include mechanics like gamification and social media integration to increase engagement. You should implement digital onboarding to every aspect of the process in order to increase further engagement with your potential customer acquisition. This could be achieved for example through integrated social media throughout the onboarding process.

6) Monitor success metrics and make improvements over time

Enable straight-through processing (STP) through your customer onboarding process in order to derive useful information and insights from your data. KPIs and success metrics can be a really useful source of information along with the so many banking transactions and processes that can really help you make future improvements to your products, interface, and operations.

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