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CRM for Private Banks

InvestGlass is a CRM designed for private banks, offering tools to create a scalable and personalized experience for their clients. With InvestGlass, private banks can retain clients through a white-labelled investor portal and manage risk by controlling investor experiences with LSFIN and MIFID compliance.

Simplify Your Workflow

From Start to End

InvestGlass banking CRM software is designed for modern private banks. It’s the first Swiss CRM to handle digital onboarding, life cycle management, portfolio management, and marketing campaigns from start to finish.

InvestGlass Workflow

Digital onboarding

InvestGlass’s digital onboarding simplifies customer interactions for private banks. It includes risk metrics, appointment scheduling, and goal setting for mortgages. InvestGlass offers digital forms and signatures, automates KYC remediation, and improves data cohesion for existing customers. The team guides private banks to create the best onboarding process and offers package tools for additional banking products. The form is compatible with mobile devices.

Sales pipeline and deals

InvestGlass offers a customizable and digital sales pipeline for private banks. Wealth advisors use InvestGlass’s platform for recommendations before client interactions. The pipeline supports various sales processes, including support tickets, onboarding, wealth management, targeted campaigns, and customer retention. InvestGlass’s AI advisor provides long-term strategy recommendations. The pipeline and campaign tools help drive growth and brand loyalty through targeted newsletters and invitations to public events.

Automated workflows

For private banks, CRMs need to offer ease of use, visibility into bankers’ activity, customer retention and engagement, automation and follow-up capabilities, customer experience feedback, and performance monitoring. InvestGlass offers outbound marketing campaigns across multiple channels, email marketing with personalized tools, and ROI reports. Workflow automation standardizes business processes, while contact and document management remain central to an agent’s work. InvestGlass is built for the financial services industry, with integrated sourcing capabilities.


Flexible CRM

InvestGlass allows private banks to host client data securely on Swiss servers or their own premises while streamlining workflow with customizable tools. This scalable CRM solution is designed for the financial services industry, helping banks to stay competitive and meet clients’ evolving needs.

InvestGlass Portfolio Management Software

Beyond the Swiss CRM – leverage a full PMS

InvestGlass provides private banks with a cloud-based portfolio management system (PMS) that enables them to manage customer portfolios, track investments, and analyze data in real time. The PMS is natively connected with the CRM, allowing for informed decisions and personalized customer experiences. The platform supports a wide range of benchmarks and asset classes, including crypto investments, and offers powerful AI automation for actionable insights and sales force automation.

Sales software to help you grow

  1. Turnkey hosting in Switzerland or in your local server
  2. Built-in template for financial institutions
  3. Capture more leads

  4. Help you close deals faster
  5. Respect regulatory frameworks
  6. Automate sales tasks
  7. Support your customer communication
  8. Create customized sales reports
Mariana and the PMS