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Sales automation is the use of technology to improve and automate sales processes. It can include the use of email marketing, lead management software, CRM software, and more. Sales automation can help sales reps be more efficient and increase their productivity.

Sales automation is an important tool for sales reps as it can help them to be more efficient and productive. InvestGlass has developed a sales automation tool that helps to improve sales processes. The tool uses email marketing, lead management software, and CRM software to help sales reps manage their leads and customers more effectively. This can help to improve sales outcomes and increase revenues.

How to Build a Healthcare CRM in Simple Steps: a Guide

If you are looking for a healthcare CRM that is easy to use and can make your business more efficient, then this article is for you. This particular guide has been written with the beginner in mind and we hope that it will help those who are new or struggling when it comes to building their own health care CRM systems. We have compiled an in-depth guide to building a healthcare CRM that will help you get started.

What is a healthcare CRM: A customer relationship management software enabling professionals in hospitals and private clinics to cater to the customers better and enhance their communication paradigms with existing patients. This category of crm software applications allows a caring environment where patients are more closely involved in their own healthcare, particularly in deciding and choosing the medical crm software provider they want.

Below we will explain further what are the steps in creating a successful healthcare crm software in order to automate the business processes so that to increase patient satisfaction within the healthcare industry.

Step 1) Healthcare CRM software development

If you choose to outsource the crm development company, you need to clearly identify what are your needs and how your CRM will look like. Another issue that might arise is the outsourcing destination. In which country the development and maintenance of your crm system will be held. The main criteria for evaluating and selecting the best outsourcing destination are agency rates, time differences, approaches to work, cultural differences, and English language knowledge. On the positive side, having a custom crm will give you the freedom to create exactly the crm system you are dreaming of.

Step 2) CRM system budgeting

In order to build a successful healthcare crm system, you need to clearly identify your costs. By setting a specific budget you are always in control of the potential costs and can give an approximation of the maximum budget for specific services, for example software development. When selecting for a software development company, you need to put quality first. There might be a company that charges more but puts quality first and prevents you from having to pay twice later.

Step 3) Features and customer relationship management

Hospitals and clinics are not the same, the same applies to their needs. There is no one-size-fits-all set of features to include in every healthcare CRM. You should carefully make a market analysis and identify what are the features needed for your target audience. From electronic health records and patient data management to appointment management among the healthcare providers. Another point to keep in mind is the crm implementation among the staff of the companies. There needs to be sufficient training in order to familiarise with the crm platform.

Step 4) Build a talented team

In order to build and also sustain a successful business in the CRM industry, you need to invest in people. You should find experienced developers creating custom crm solutions and updating the system. Additionally, you should invest in your custom crm development by finding a great sales team to expand your business.

The global healthcare CRM market is lately developing at a higher rate than previously. This is created by CRM solutions recognizing the current necessities of healthcare providers and healthcare professionals to cope with business data. The current pandemic exacerbated the trend and healthcare organization demands electronic health records.

InvestGlass approval processes can automate the entire workflow and ease staff administrative burden. Monitoring characteristics can also help assess staff performance as well as their involvement and feedback. Post appointment feedback surveys can automatically be filled and send to patients as well as automating the creation of contact reports for each stage of the patient’s journey. The CRM tools are bundled to a patient portal which is key to collect patient intake and share medical billing, medical histories, and more. Indeed the patient is king! Patient records are easily accessible for existing patients and the creation of records is quick and effortless. 

If you are looking to create your own healthcare CRM and improve your company’s customer relationship management efforts, InvestGlass digital tools give you the ability to create custom CRM software for your needs without any coding knowledge required. InvestGlass’s adaptability is key when considering the platform’s role in the healthcare industry. Contact us Today!

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How to Find a valid Email Address: 5 steps Guide

Are you looking for a way to grow your prospect network? Do you want to find a valid email address in order to reach out and build relationships with potential clients, partners, or vendors? If so, then this article is just what you need. We will discuss 5 common ways that people find emails addresses online. You’ll also find tips on how to verify the validity of each email successfully contacted.

Step 1: Manually search for a personal email address online

This is a very common way to find the company or personal email addresses. It involves searching through publicly available email addresses (usually generic email address) or contact info, such as name and company names from public sources like the company website, LinkedIn connections, or Facebook profiles. You can also search social media networks, forums, and other online databases of contacts.

Step 2: Use email lookup tools to extract a personal email address

In order to facilitate your email address search, you can use an email finder tool that will extract emails from the social media profile you are visiting, or from a list of social networking sites. An email extractor will automate much of the process, by finding and collecting valid email addresses on the website for you. Some of them come with syntax and format checkers that will automatically make corrections to the lead lists they generate.

Step 3: Use tricks to manually find hidden emails addresses

Many social media users attempt to hide their email address from bots that crawl google search operators for emails. These users though; still share their emails to these platforms. To do this, they replace the “.” or “@” with “dot” or “at”.

This way, bots programmed to crawl websites and collect valid emails will skip these, as they are not formatted like an email. To get around this, you can simply search social networking sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more) with a ‘name’ and ‘dot’ + ‘at’.

Step 4: Locate contact information through an email guessing tool

If you cannot afford an email finder tool, the best alternative that most of the time is free is an email guessing tool. These tools can guess a person’s email address by predicting potential email variations based on the information you provide. Ideally, you’ll need a little bit more than just a name, such as a company or domain from the same company that this prospect is working for.

Step 5: Communicate with the prospect company and politely ask for it

Sometimes it is very difficult to search historical tweets or export linkedin connections in order to find an email address. There are cases where the best thing to do is to communicate with the company reception or the relevant department and politely ask for the email address of your prospect. It is very I’mportant, to be honest, and inform of your intentions.

When you have collected the list of your prospects’ emails, it is time to target them in order to generate more potential sales! InvestGlass provides the tools to make email marketing easier and more efficient. Through customized marketing emails you can send hyper-targeted messages to your prospects or customers. You also have the possibility to respect GDPR regulation via the audit trail system capturing customers’ consent and preferences. Fill in our contact form today to learn how we can automate your business.

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5 Helpful Sales Email Tools to Support your Outreach

Email marketing is the single best way to grow your business. It’s a tried and true strategy that has been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! But how can you send better emails? The answer lies in tools. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 5 helpful sales email tools (to support your outreach).

1. Email address lookup tools

For your sales emails to succeed, you first need to have the right email addresses for your prospects. Here are two tools we recommend for this:

Hunter.io and Dropcontact.io

Both solutions will help with sales outreach. Dropcontact.io is a premium paid service but Hunter will provide you with free email addresses that are accurate and updated when they change jobs (via LinkedIn). We use to drop a lot.

This way you will check customer data and engage prospects with their email while respecting GDPR. You might not find all companies though. Those prospecting tools are outbound sales best friends.

2 . Sales email templates for power sales reps

Now your sales cycle can start! InvestGlass email will email you and send personalized cold emails and automated email sequences. Email campaigns are tracked and cole emails too. The metrics are stored in InvestGlass sales CRM and the sales pipeline is initiated if your prospects wish to follow-ups.

Cold emails are a long-term strategy. One tool that stands out is Salesflare which has a good CRM and smart templates for emailing large companies or small teams with the right message at the right time.

Email marketing automation software like InvestGlass provides you with easy-to-use features for your sales outreach with prescheduled emails. It’s about sending just the right time message and reducing the marketing efforts with automation when you would have done repetitive tasks.

When you create a cold email you have to imagine which persona the same way you would engage customers. It’s sales conversations you are trying to start so the first element you should work on is the subject line. Cold sales email should start with a simple subject line

<problem> …. <contact / speak> … <your company>

between <> you will inject prospect or customer data with InvetGlass email. This will remove manual tasks of writing initial sales emails one by one.

You can attach files or forms to your email. Make sure that your files or sales decks are not too heavy. Concerning images we recommend not to put images into your message. You might be excited to send customized images into your sales email but this might look too glossy and sales-oriented. Yes, it’s a “sales calls” but it should be kind enough.

In your email, you should have a call to action – only one! Otherwise, you are splitting the email tracking understanding. You want to offer a free version, a free visit, asking if you are talking to the right person, to the key decision-makers… not all companies will be organized the same way. Therefore don’t put the call to action into subject lines but inside the body of the email.

If you have a mutual connection with a prospect it is better to override the cold email outreach tool and write it manually. You want to start a conversation here – sales acceleration should slow down.

Sales team performance will be monitored in the campaign tool Each sales professional will find their response rate and follow-up emails rate in simple reporting.

3. Meeting/demo scheduling tools to start your sales process

The prospect said yes I am interested! Your response rates start to show that your outreach email is effective. Now it’s time to improve sales operations with a scheduling tool. Scheduling tools enable prospects to just choose an available slot.

We have been fans of Calendly for years 😄. The company name might right a bell right – It’s the ultimate potential customer meetings app. As your prospects book a meeting, they can share personalized messages with you. You can manage your sales team’s calendar with Calendly.

Calendly is an automated scheduling tool that you can personalize. This tool is great to include in your email outreach for one-to-one meetings and demos. Sales performance will increase with this customer meetings app.

During this meeting, it’s time again to introduce your mutual connection and present the sales cycle of your solution. You will wait for this meeting to introduce relevant information. Keep these meetings short – 30 – 45 minutes maximum and get ready with your sales stack.

Another good option is a scheduling tool like Doodle where the prospect can pick from their own time slot of availability, or offers different times if they want to get back with you first before choosing an available time slot.

4. Conversational selling tools for your sales team

When interaction is too dense or you wish to host a communication tool inside InvestGlass client – we recommend you have a look into Intercom.

Intercom is a suite of tools for customer support, marketing, and sales. It has a variety of features such as:

– email like messaging tools;

– in-app chatbots that help answer questions about the product or service they are interested in without ever leaving your app (it’s called “conversational selling“);

– personas – automatically triggered based on

Alternative to Intercom are :

Drift (chatbot builder, software)

Chatfuel – chatbot creator;

These tools are usually free to use with a monthly subscription or payment per message sent. You can send canned messages or personalize messages too. Intercom is an easy-to-use platform. It will help with the help desk and document tracking. The solution can track customer behavior and conversation will be stored back into InvestGlass contact report. The sales workflow is perfectly tracked and you will automate manual tasks.

5. Virtual meeting tools for your sales rep

With travels restriction – your sales rep needs to meet virtually every hour with the prospect and they will use


Zoom is a video conferencing tool and it is free for up to 25 participants.

– Zoom for online meetings

– Join – video calling app from Google which also works with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat;

UberConference ;

It’s a good idea to have your sales rep give the prospect their Skype ID so they can contact them outside.

The difference between Teams and Zoom is that Teams is a communication tool and Zoom is strictly for video conferencing.

Protect your data with a Swiss Based CRM – InvestGlass

InvestGlass offers the best sales tools from lead generation to customer success. Our solution is hosted on Swiss servers and that is quite unique for marketing automation tools.

InvestGlass offers an all-in-one customer relationship management tool built for modern sales reps. Sales teams will enjoy sales prospecting tools and pre-built email templates. As InvestGlass hosts product and security dimensions, your sales teams will share more deals opportunity in their sales email.

red and white sail boat on water near city buildings during daytime

You import contact and more leads with an easy import tool. It’s the perfect outreach process tool to send more sales emails. Swiss-made sales tools are another insurance that data is safe here in Switzerland.

Sales emails are leaving InvestGlass through your credentials. Sales conversations would you use Intercom, Calendly, Qwil.io, will be recorded into contact reports and all contact information will be stored in one place.

Start your InvestGlass free trial today

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The 5-Step Process for Finding Your Business’s Ideal Niche

5 step process for finding your business’s ideal niche market

A niche market is a small subset of a larger market. It is not the “average consumer” and they are usually defined by their values, tastes, or interests.

This is an example of how you can define your market niche:

  • Women age 18 to 30 who love fashion
  • Moms with kids under the age of five who want low carb food on hand for when they have energy slumps in the afternoon
  • Senior citizens from November to May (snowbird) looking for winter rentals that allow pets

How do I find my business’ ideal target audience?

Finding your business’s “ideal” niches requires patience and careful thought before making any decisions about what markets will work best for it long term.

Niche marketing is a by product of specialization. If you bank or company offers a specific product or service, you are going to need a specific market of potential buyers for that. Take the example of Starbucks and how their niche is coffee drinkers who enjoy high-quality beans roasted in store at a low price point.

The first step to finding your business’ ideal target audience is deciding what it wants its core values to be as a company and then honing them down even further by figuring out exactly which markets would best fit with those values! Selling to a niche market is a way to stand out from competitors. It help your brand, and it helps your brand establish positive recognition within the market. Your business can become an authority in your industry for that niche audience — ultimately attracting more customers to your product or service.

woman holding wine bottle beside man in front of woman smiling

What are the benefits of a Niche Market and how does this attract potential customers?

By focusing on a small audience and customer segment, your business will be able to stretch its team further and bring in customers who are closely aligned with your services! Your customers will find more responses and this will increase loyalty. Loyalty is key for your business expansion as you have a higher chance of them recommending your services to other potential customers.

In order for you to establish yourself as an authority in this market, there are steps that need to be taken – and here is how I break it down:

  • Find the right niche market according to my business needs and goals
  • Develop a marketing strategy around our new niche audience
  • Understand what we want from the relationship with prospective clients/donors/believers by articulating our value proposition(s) that will resonate with their needs and desires

An ideal niche market is also a risk as a small business could go in the wrong direction. Worst you could go in a direction where the pain points you think needs to be answered are finishing in an unmet needs! Viable niche can be touch a broader market thanks to online business platforms.

We built with InvestGlass client portal multiple solutions connecting the business to QuoTrading Screen, Datatrans, Stripe and created niche business in few days. Attracting new customers and finding a niche is, therefore, less risky when you go digital. Sales will be automated and you can create a unique landing page in minutes with a solution like Wix.com.

With InvestGlass CRM you can create audiences and individualize messages to each client niche based on their service expectations. Therefore you can test a new niche and not only focus on the easy and most profitable niches. Email and SMS are targeted to the right market niche to increase your conversion rate.

As InvestGlass manages inventory and portfolio you can link your commercial actions to products or services you offer.

Our final thoughts on the 5 step process for finding your business’s ideal niche market?

  1. Reflect on your passions and interests
  2. Identify customers’ problems and needs with dialogues
  3. Market research the competition with Prequin, Pitchbook, Crunchbase
  4. Define your niche businesses and their profitability.
  5. Test your product with target customers or service fast to fail and adapt fast

Collect the data in a good CRM like InvestGlass to build you case on each niche markets quickly.

Get Started with InvestGlass CRM

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Alternative to Hubspot made in Switzerland? Meet InvestGlass CRM

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Hubspot is one of the leading blog platforms, but it has a glaring issue. It requires a lot of time and effort to make each post stand out because there are no templates or styles available for users. This is where InvestGlass comes in. With this platform, you can create a professional-looking collaborative portal with just a few clicks!

Alternative to Hubspot made in Switzerland

InvestGlass CRM is carefully built and hosted in Switzerland. Switzerland is well known for its strict privacy laws. Lead generation can be done from our public cloud in Geneva Switzerland or if you run a large business you can ask for an on-premise CRM platform. The cloud solution is scalable and it is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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We don’t believe free plan is a soluiton – and when you start paying for the CRM you find that you pay a lot for your marketing software! We decided to adapt with very comprehensive pricing.

InvestGlass CRM has a fully-fledged document management system integrated, which provides support for team collaboration on existing documents or creating new ones. Documents are not just stored in the cloud but they’re also indexed by Google Document tools so that you can search for them easily. This gives

InvestGlass CRM is the only post creation tool that has a fully integrated collaboration portal, featuring instant notifications and updates to every user on your team in real-time! Use our smart drafting feature to synchronize all of your ideas into one draft, then share with colleagues for feedback before you publish it live.

The product can be connected to Hubspot API but also to Hubspot competitors like ActiveCampaign, Marketo, Mailchimp or Salesforce but it best work when you keep it in the same environment.

Hubspot alternative how do we migrate?

InvestGlass offers a lazy import plan perfect for small businesses’ data import. It’s an agile CRM so you can import your leads, clients, products into the Swiss hosted CRM. Marketing and sales teams will appreciate that the solution is easy to use for email campaigns and lead nurturing.

A big advantage is that InvestGlass with the product dimension will facilitate email marketing tool, inbound marketing.

CRM features are very similar to what your sales team are used to play and the marketing team will appreciate InvestGlass collaborative portal. If you have existing tools like a live chat – you will add the code snippet to run your chat.

Email automation will have to be created into InvestGlass but it’s quite easy to replicate and our team will make sure your marketing efforts are 0.

Although InvestGlass doesn’t offer a free plan, only paid plans, InvestGlass team will assist you when you start your free trial !

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From eCommerce business and fintech neobank builder

Most CRM platforms are disconnected from the landing page builder. InvestGlass offers a landing page builder you can customize in minutes. Marketing automation features will open widgets on the landing page based on the customer segment. Customers will find the right information at the right time and in the right format. Sales and marketing teams will have less work to do thanks to the automation process. Customization options will fit your corporate branding.

eCommerce is booming and with InvestGlass, the entire marketing process will be more streamlined. eCommerce business owners appreciate InvestGlass because it is easy to use and customizes perfectly.

Digital marketing is now a must for eCommerce companies looking to capture new leads and launch hyper – targeted email marketing campaigns. Email campagins will also benefit from template, scheduler and a b testing tools. Automation tool will schedule email email automation at the right time. Email variables will add in the email body and title email address, CRM information such as the first name, or a catchy word we call an icebreaker.

Would it be inbound or outbound marketing, the email marketing should specific with a call to action your customers will understand.

And for neobanks customers?

Fintech neobank builders will also find InvestGlass an excellent choice for marketing automation features. InvestGlass paid plans to include all you need to build neobank digital onboarding, email marketing, lead nurturing and KYC remediation. Create landing pages for your neobank in minutes.

We have business owners of business banks using InvestGlas landing pages for their POC. POC means Proof Of Concept. We are seeing a lot of business banks using InvestGlass because it is so easy to use and then they can decide if they want to implement the product for their business or not.

Are you ready to consider alternatives to Hubspot?

Sales and marketing teams will find with InvetGlass all features and sales automation to increase lead capture and conversion.

Get more productive and less busy !

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How to Successfully use a CRM System?

CRM stands for customer relations management. It’s a CRM software that collects customer data.

CRM is not a plug and play tool that you simply add to your stack. Particularly if you have a company with more than 10 employees you have to make sure that your serum produces 10 times the cost. If you spend one euro with your CRM you must make sure that your CRM software will make you earn at least €10.

Nearly 80% of all CRM projects fail. The reason isn’t the software, but poor user adoption. Usually, CRMs are built by consultants that are trying to put as many elements as possible. The right way to do it is to reduce features as much as possible to fix with everyday customer support and listen to the team needs to reduce. However, only a few succeed. Why? Because most do not adopt CRM best practices. InvestGlass CRM collected the best practices we could find – a mix between customisation options and ready-made templates. Here we summarise the 5 top things you must do when using a CRM.

1. Ensure your top management buy-in

Let’s be obvious, if you don’t have the management into the loop, it is not possible to have an efficient CRM build. Senior management have to buy the tool and most importantly the vision! Starting a CRM, particularly for enterprises that never used one, is a challenge. The sales team and sales management have to be ready as prospects will be collected into a common CRM tool. CRM implementation always takes more time than expected because sales processes that were made on-paper have to be digitalised. Notes, email, products, lead, will be tracked into a data warehouse and this could change the mindset of some companies. Years ago, I remember that bankers were very reluctant to pull this data into a common system. It is now key for company revenue and valued to track all commercial interactions.

2.Find a geek project manager

For all the projects that we successfully managed, companies had a fortnight project manager. It doesn’t need to be a specialist but at least someone that will listen to the team requirements, understand customer communications, technology, email, phone number system, note tracking, lead management, and have a clear view of the customer history. CRM Customer relationship management software is about creating a sales marketing experience and user-friendly customer experience that will fit your business mindset and customers. Hence, it is important to find a colleague sharing a clear vision of customer relationships. The CRM strategy can change over time and customer experiences too. Some CRMs are very complex to manage… we say if you start a Salesforce CRM then you need a Salesforce specialist full time. That’s not completely wrong.

3. Appoint 2 super users and not necessary salespeople

To make sure that the CRM will be used correctly and that you will find the right buying patterns, we suggest you grant access to 2 “super users”. It could be people from the salesforce, compliance, business owners… I am sure you will find two people in your organization excited to use new software. Those 2 super users will be the first contacts to help and track the product evolution, the latest apps, and so forth. Yet, it is important that the super users are also part of the sales strategy, understand the products, and meet marketing team requirements and key performance indicators.

4. Launch the CRM with a productivity goal

CRMs used to make you busy… now they make you productive. Sales and marketing teams are often underestimated and believe that the CRM application lack efficiency. The CRM will collect information and become an essential knowledge base for your enterprise. The objective of CRM is to make repetitive tasks as automated as possible. With automation, summer interactions are efficient and will lead to more business and customers.

5. Define the CRM strategy and overcome rejections

CRM software is not just a technology. It’s a philosophy as it’s the core of your business process. It’s important to include all departments in the business processes set up in the CRM systems, from sales managers and logo creators to senior management and analysts, inclusion is a cornerstone. The CRM platforms are replicating the sales cycle and the sales process to improve the day-to-day tasks.

No need to remove the good for the great, simply connect your legacy applications to InvestGlass with our state-of-the-art API. Eliminate programmers, we have done the « mum » test and she can do it too. If she can do it, you can too. InvestGlass simplifies testing and deployment with minimum resources.

Conclusion are you ready to start your customer relationship management CRM? 

You know the Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot CRMs, which pricing are sometimes ambiguous, thus we recommend you to read our pricing comparison article to learn more about pricing structure differences and features benefits. Be aware that “No credit card” teasers can be misleading CRM adds. CRMs always have a cost… Yet, we believe customer relationship management CRM is about sharing values before sharing services. If you are ready to repeat customer interactions with a given pattern then a CRM is a system you must use to prove and repeat business best practices and track your customers’ interactions. If your company has more than 10 employees or salespersons, then you need to restrict the data access and you must use a CRM. We hear often that it’s all about data, it’s all about data… in a way this is true but it’s also about customers, customers, customers…

Don’t be busy ! Be Productive !

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5 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Buy from You

This article will show you how to improve the purchasing decision. We will explain how a properly qualified process starts by qualifying the persona and address thoughtful questions.

Why Customers Are Not Buying because you don’t have a good sales pipeline

  1. You’re trying to sell to everyone.
  2. You’re not surfacing objections.
  3. You’re not creating urgency.
  4. You aren’t helping them feel safe.
  5. You aren’t selling value.

1. You’re trying to sell to everyone.

“I am not sure my company really needs your service and product.”

When you build your sales funnel, you will create a sales pipeline – cold lead, prospect, demo, opening, client, lost opportunity… The next step is to create tags. Tags represent a very important part of InvestGlass setup. Tags will help you segment your prospects and clients based on values, features, objections. Tags should be used to build a persona which represents potential customers and their buying decision patterns. You are not selling products, you’re selling solutions. No one wants to buy something particularly in those difficult times but they want to buy solutions for an easier life!

Prospects don’t buy tools, they buy solutions to solve their short term problem. Salespeople should have this in mind

  • A need otherwise don’t try to sell
  • A budget because money is king
  • A decisions maker who knows the business
  • A timeline X date because prospects don’t buy

The well-being of a salesperson is key. If they are in a good mindset is a good indication for prospects that your company is doing well.

You can also catch inbound prospects with digital forms and goodies to help prospect communicate with you. They might have a misunderstanding of previous version and a good video could refresh their mind.

2. You’re not surfacing objections or develop compelling business cases

“Actually, XXX is a big concern for us, so I think we’re going to go with ABC competitor.”

Once you actually know what your prospects once and you properly qualified his needs and current solution, you should ask for a mutual confirm understanding.

“If this didn’t go through, what would the reason be?”

“We’ve talked about why you like [product] — can we spend some time on what you don’t like?”

“We’ve discussed ‘pros.’ What’s on the ‘cons’ side of the list for you?”

It is not basic information, it is also psychological thoughtful questions. You have to understand concrete reasons why they are spending time today with you exchanging about their methodology. Some clients might ask for NDA before the call, some will not which could be a good indication that they are in pain with their current solution and have nothing to lose, nothing to hide.

3. You’re not creating urgency.

“Maybe next quarter.”

Ha ha ha, this is the best way to miss an opportunity a quick failing sales process. Sales conversations must be organized in a way that they understand the current solutions you provide will offer a competitive advantage to whoever will use it.

We are not talking about the whole solution we were talking about perhaps a little function, not even a feature, this little function will eventually be a completely compelling business case for your prospect.

You have to produce a Fear Of Missing Out FOMO – and each sales pipeline stages should have this FOMO argument.

  • “What happens if you don’t solve this problem by next quarter?”
  • “Describe the consequences of missing AMF, FCA, LSFIN goal.”
  • “How long has this been an issue? This digital onboarding Why are you focusing on it now?”

Sales teams should be slightly catastrophic. What happens if COVID never stop? This is the time to develop compelling business cases. In the sales process should have good arguments to understand buyer’s minds. During the sales process, the prospect need to understand that a missed opportunity could be dramatic for their business continuity.

4. You aren’t helping them feel safe.

“I’m not sure we are ready for this yet.”

You have to give five basic examples of how existing clients made it with your service. It’s a bit like giving a pro tip to friends. Your prospect needs to understand that implementation will be simple, they need to understand that their decision represents a real value and that with you they will be safe.

After discovering Faiz, after a demo and giving few examples, decision-makers will ask you for the price. Never give the price before you invited to give a price. This will definitely show them that you are driven by the sales and not making them feel safe.

Why do clients buy from you? Do they know your customers?

Most sales team rush into this process but in reality, this is where you have to be as slow as possible. When you achieved the sales process you are already in front of qualified prospects, you establish credibility, you’re in front of the decision-maker so take your time you are in status quo mode!

The company in front of you will ask for financial conditions like a refund or a trial. They might ask you for money back if you’re not sure of their decision. This is now the time to give five examples of success. If you don’t have examples of success or unknown numbers because you have a new fund, you can talk about top trends, you can talk about your previous experience, you can identify some competitor uses cases, and express how your solution makes a difference.

5. You aren’t selling value.

“This is not a priority for us at the moment.”

Frankly, buyers don’t care about the product or the service where they care about is how the future are going to make their work easier. Purchasing decisions are driven by curiosity at the beginning but very quickly they go down to the very dirty reality. Many prospects don’t really know when they knock at the door what you will be selling. They have a current supplier and they believe that the supplier can be replaced otherwise they will not be contacting you.

You have to build a sales approach which creates a sentiment of emergency and share value to decision-makers. Too many times salespeople are stuck because they don’t speak to decision-makers. Presenting to end-user is important but the company always has a decision-making process that salespeople have to respect. Using a new tool will definitely change the value pattern into a company so it is very important to present value first.

Sales professional can do it, it’s just a simple sales process

A good sales professional should start first by defining the sales pipeline with stages. Then sales reps should defined buying persona, the buying process, and the document needed to support the process. The buyer’s mind an objections have to be collected into the contact report. Sales professionals should know when to stop contacting prospects. If a prospects sales that they need more time, it might not mean no and the salesperson have to respect that. Close sales are the objective but each sales is your ambassador too. Sales is a service too!

You should have a list of current customers in a PDF or Word document that can be shared.

You should have a trial period or any test run and be clear on the refund, full refunds conditions.

Sales reps should no risk involved in purchasing competitive solutions and understand the contracts you will set up.

When prospecting, sales reps start with prospects carefully targeted and check the internal reputation of decision-makers. Identify areas of expertise of decisions makers – if it’s a geek speak geek if it’s people management-speak politics…

Sales reps should answer previous point and objections and not following their own sales process.

Follow up should be monitored – no more guessing – no more paper – track it with your CRM.

Develop compelling business cases to facilitate buying decisions and show how to reduce risks involved with purchase protection terms etc…

You see it’s not that easy but it’s not the end of the world to create a sales process that will establish credibility, build internal reputation into your buyer’s mindset and reveal the real value of your solution. We hope this will inspire you! Now it’s your turn to help salespeople turn prospects into customers.

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