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SRI : How to collect your clients’ preferences?

Today was our second luncheon webinar. This time Tiphaine Saltini introduced us to Neuroproflier’s new ESG profiling product, a new module launched in 2020 which assesses the appetence of investors for sustainable finance and recommend suitable ESG products based on their preferences. The stage is opened so contact us if you wish to present your knowledge to our community. You can find our next...

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Ways to Rebuild Trust in Your Business

How to rebuild trust? When you lose someone's trust, it is extremely difficult to gain his trust back. You might find yourself constantly challenged between regrets and overconfidence. Obviously repair trust depends on why and how this trust has been damaged. It is obviously courageous to take the first step and call again your prospects, clients, your relationship to find a win win solution. To...

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A Prospect asks for a discount before trialing your service & product?

When you have a new prospect which is asking you for better pricing - before testing your bank/brokerage services what should you do? You have to get them to focus on the value of your service or product. And, of course, being remote - you cannot use your charms to facilitate the purchase experiences. In most cases, it's important that your client receives the impression that they make a good...

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InvestGlass luncheon – Bitcoins the Derivatives Bubble?

What a lunch, today we started our first don't be alone luncheon. Each week we will bring you a specialist is changing his knowledge during lunchtime. This time we have Cyril sharing his knowledge about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, wallet and the right of a derivatives bubble. The stage is opened so contact us if you wish to present your knowledge to our community.  You can find our next webinars...

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