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Digital Forms Builder

Transform your Digital Onboarding Operations & Substantially Improve Customer Satisfaction. No programming is needed. All data is hosted in Switzerland.
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What Is Digital Onboarding & How Does It Work?

Online quiz maker

Create a quiz that engages new customers, generates leads or promotes your brand.

Feedback form

Customer feedback, investors feedback, employee feedback, or event feedback, it all helps growth.

Application form

InvestGlass builder gives you the power to transform a chore into an engaging experience.

KYC remediations

Digiltalize your account opening and product subscription. Check AML and KYC completion. Ensure that clients are not taking part in any money-related crimes.

Human Resources (HR) Surveys

Managing employees, onboarding new staff, gauging employee engagement rates, to name a few.

Financial institutions

Digital forms are compatible with financial planning, robo advisory, mortgage onboarding.
Joe the Digital Onboarding

Boost your ROI using the top-rated Success Ecosystem.

From unparalleled support and expert advice to the resources available from our InvestGlass Partners, the Success Ecosystem is dedicated to helping you harness the complete potential of your investment.

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

Paper into digital

Turn your paper into digital

InvestGlass offers effortless onboarding forms that streamline time-consuming processes. Enhance efficiency with personalized forms, surveys, and templates. Their expertise emphasizes the significance of customization in financial platforms.


Pre-built digital onboarding forms

Digital onboarding collects data from prospects and clients through personalized, logic-based forms. These forms ask targeted questions and request necessary document uploads. Examples of documents include IDs, driving licenses, and proof of residence.

InvestGlass Sales Pipeline

From customer acquisition to deal closing

InvestGlass’s CRM, integral to its digital forms, facilitates customer onboarding and life cycle management. The CRM stores customer data, auto-populating forms with prior responses.

Risk indicator

Digital onboarding score and fraud detection

InvestGlass integrates with multiple APIs for fraud and identity checks, aiding banks and insurance firms in simplifying compliance. It enables risk assessment of clients and automated, personalized responses based on scores such as emails or SMS.

Packed With Features
Your Team Will Love

API & Webhooks

PDF Document Generator

Built for robo advisory

Mobile-Responsive Forms

Task automation

Cloud Storage in Switzerland