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Digital Forms

Transform your Digital Onboarding Operations & Substantially Improve Customer Satisfaction. No programming is needed. All data is hosted in Switzerland.
InvestGlass Workflow

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The digital onboarding process is the key to increasing the conversion rate and improving the user experience at the same time it meets the strictest regulations of AML and KYC.
Digital onboarding InvestGlass

Online quiz maker

Create a quiz that engages new customers, generates leads or promotes your brand.

Feedback form

Customer feedback, investors feedback, employee feedback, or event feedback, it all helps growth.

Application form

InvestGlass builder gives you the power to transform a chore into an engaging experience.

KYC remediations

Digiltalize your account opening and product subscription. Check AML and KYC completion. Ensure that clients are not taking part in any money-related crimes.

Human Resources (HR) Surveys

Managing employees, onboarding new staff, gauging employee engagement rates, to name a few.

Financial institutions

Digital forms are compatible with financial planning, robo advisory, mortgage onboarding.

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

Turn your paper into digital automation process.

Turn your paper into digital.

No programming is needed to build onboarding forms. Indeed, onboarding, which is cumbersome and time exhaustive, becomes fast and easy with InvestGlass. The personalization of forms and surveys, as well as the already available templates, convey an easy process in which efficiency is maximized for financial platforms. InvestGlass’s experience and wide range of clients have impacted positively on realizing the need for a customizable offer.

Pre-built digital onboarding forms.

Digital onboarding helps you to collect information from your new prospects and existing clients. Personalize the forms, ask tailored questions, and use conditional logic to mimic legal logic and branching logic. You can also ask prospects to upload required documents such as IDs, driving licenses, proof of residence, and corporation documents.

From customer acquisition to deal closing.

Digital forms are natively connected to InvestGlass’s CRM, The tool fosters onboarding flow starting the customer life cycle management. All customer data is stored in the CRM which means that the next time you reopen the form – the field will be populated with previous answers.

Digital onboarding score and fraud detection.

Results from forms are marked with points to identify responses that are relevant to your compliance policy. InvestGlass API is connected to multiple API to collect fraud and information and liveness detection which helps banks and insurance to determine if the person or company say who they say they are. The tools are perfect for banks or insurance looking to give a rating or client risk assessment to their customers. Each score can trigger automation such as individualized emails or SMS.

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PDF Document Generator

Built for robo advisory

Mobile-Responsive Forms

Task automation

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