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Tag: future of finance

Robo Advisors are basically automated investment tools that can be set up to automatically invest in different funds and stocks without any human interaction from a wealth manager. Through the ability to enhance analytics and large amounts of data they can monitor the global economy and finance markets to derive insightful advice and investments for their clients. You just have to tell the Robo advisor how much money you want it invested in, what your risk tolerance and strategy are, what sectors you focus on, and then let it run! The only time a human will need to intervene is when it comes to financial planning and private banking that human interaction is crucial. With InvestGlass you can build your robo-advisor in 10 minutes!

Build digital onboarding forms and link them to InvestGlass rebalancing tool to produce your own robot advisor. The robot will help you to generate trade blotters from your model portfolio blueprints. Rebalancing will screen the CRM KYC to make sure that you respect each clients’ suitability before you trade