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Companies are paving their way for growth with InvestGlass

Our customers are showing how great processes are the way to scale sustainably
United Nations in Geneva
Public Sector

Embassy of Lebanon

The embassy and consulate are using InvestGlass for their national’s application forms, booking events and more. The fact that InvestGlass is Swiss-neutral can be a significant advantage for its public sector clients. Switzerland is known for its political neutrality and stability, which can provide reassurance to governments and other public sector organizations that their data and processes are secure and protected.
Geneva, Switzerland
Private Bank

Arab Bank (Switzerland)

InvestGlass customized, end-to end solution allows Arab Bank (Switzerland) to offer a superior client experience while staying ahead of innovative client centric technologies without neglecting security, privacy or client facing interactions. It enables advisors to quickly and efficiently analyse portfolio risk and capture opportunities in order to offer individualised financial advice in-line with the latest regulations.
Geneva, Switzerland
Fund distribution


Siega SA is one of the Swiss leading fund advisor and distributor. InvestGlass is perfectly suited CRM for fund distributor looking to automate content distribution and track fund investments.
Eiffel Tower at Paris, France
Business Process Outsourcing


They offer industry-specific Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for our clients with a focus on our different growth verticals.
Prime Broker


Established in London since 2010, and with over 50 employees, Linear Investments is one of the country’s leading prime broker. InvestGlass offers a turn-key solution to build a “robo-advisor”. Linear Investments’ clients build their on-boarding forms to acquire their prospects’ investment preferences. Answers are stored into a professional grade client relationship management cloud.
Geneva, Switzerland
Wealth Management

Conduit Group

Based in Singapore and Switzerland, Conduit Group helps individuals, families, corporations, and institutions raise, manage, and distribute the capital they need. InvestGlass offers a frictionless solution to grow our operation sustainably. It’s all about automations.
Asset Manager


Credit-focused investment manager based in London. They are fixed-income investors and operate globally. They invest across the credit spectrum on behalf of our stakeholders, families, foundations, institutions, and sovereigns.
brown and white concrete building near body of water during daytime


b-sharpe is a Swiss company that works with you – offering transparent, reliable, and straightforward currency exchange services at a fair price – so you stay in control of your finances, whether you’re a business or a private individual.