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Marketing Cloud

Build trusted relationships at scale with data-driven moments.

Portfolio management
Marketing cloud

Simplify Your Marketing Workflow
From Start to End

Build digital forms to capture new leads

InvestGlass provides innovative digital marketing tools for business growth, featuring customizable, user-friendly forms for lead tracking. It offers personalized communication tools and segmentation, making it a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes.


InvestGlass Marketing Tools offers a comprehensive solution for automating business marketing, including campaign development, list management, and customer relations. It also includes advanced reporting and analytics for assessing performance and ROI.


The robust tool facilitates charity, fund sales, customer engagement tracking, and KYC updates. It works in sync with InvestGlass campaigns, exhibiting participant details and statuses. Stay GDPR and New Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP).

Email/SMS Automation

Automate targeted email/SMS via InvestGlass to enhance lead nurturing and drive sales. Leverage insights from detailed analytics to refine your marketing strategy. Start today and uplift your business with InvestGlass Marketing Tools.

InvestGlass Marketing tools include

Email Marketing

Digital onboarding

Marketing Analytics

KYC remediation

Scheduled communication

Swiss Cloud Storage