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#1 AI Tools for Digital Marketing

InvestGlass helps marketers transform sales data into actionable insights and automate workflows while testing engagement activities and key messaging across channels.

A Better Way
to Automate
Sales and Marketing.

AI into marketing efforts are automation of routine tasks 70%, improved customer experience 50%

AI Tools for Digital Marketing

InvestGlass uses AI to conduct company research, build websites, draft prospecting emails, enhance data analysis and generate social media copy. 

AI Tools for Audience Research

InvestGlass is a powerful audience research tool that gathers data about potential customers and investors.

AI Tools for Trend Analysis and Forecasting

InvestGlass helps you visualize key data and develop insights to predict trends.

AI Tools for Idea Generation & Content Research

InvestGlass AI is an AI-powered search engine particularly useful for generating investment ideas, based on compliance, universe list and investors preferences.

AI Tools for Sales Automation

InvestGlas helps marketers and sales reps work in harmony to reach out to customers and investors with the right messaging at the times on the best channels.

AI Tools for Writing & Content Generation

InvestGlass can help automate content creation across various platforms, including articles, blog posts, and social media. It is also invaluable for content ideation, research, and optimization.

Simplify Your Marketing Workflow
From Start to End

Swiss, all-in-one sales automation tool.

New Leads


Hyper-target your campaign

Customise your AI Templates

Track and report

Here’s what sets Swiss Marketing Cloud apart.

InvestGlass Marketers using the marketing suite see a 68% increase in customer lifetime value.* Based on InvestGlass Metrics.
Marketers using InvestGlass see a 35% increase in customer lifetime value.* ( Based on InvestGlass Metrics)
Marketing Cloud helps businesses grow customer engagement by an average of 33%.* Based on InvestGlass Metrics.
InvestGlass is the safe geopolitical choice. You can host InvestGlass on a Swiss Cloud or on your premise.