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Product Updates – Changelog

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Software Change Log

Version 1.5.508

August 15, 2023

Bug Fix

  • Proposal – Detailed Asset Allocation Amount Correction

Resolved an issue within the Proposal module where the Detailed Asset Allocation section of PDFs was displaying incorrect amounts. This bug has been fixed, ensuring accurate representation of asset allocation figures in generated PDFs.

  • Duplicate Account Error Message

Fixed a problem that caused the duplication of error messages when creating new accounts. This issue has been rectified, ensuring that error messages for new account creation are displayed accurately without any duplication.

  • Upload Errors without Attached Forms

Addressed errors that occurred when users attempted to upload files without attaching any forms. This bug fix ensures a seamless uploading experience even when forms are not attached, preventing unexpected errors.

  • Password Policy Application in Password Reset

Fixed a bug where the password policy was not properly applied during the password reset process. This bug has been resolved, ensuring that the specified password policy rules are enforced when users reset their passwords.

  • Proposal Widget Title Background

Corrected the issue causing a black background for the title in the proposal widget. With this fix, the widget’s title now displays as intended, without any visual anomalies.

  • Custom Fields Bug

Addressed a bug affecting the functionality of custom fields. This fix ensures that custom fields work as expected, enabling users to effectively manage and utilize custom data fields.

  • Balance Calculation Bug for Non-Reference Currency Positions

Resolved a bug in the calculation of balances for positions not in the reference currency. The balance calculation for these positions now accurately reflects the correct values.


  • Form Enhancement with image

Introduced a new feature that allows users to add image into forms. This update facilitates quicker form creation with added image support, ensuring consistent and efficient form creation processes.

  • Publisher Enhancement – Invoice Regrouping by Month, User, and Portfolio

Introduce a powerful enhancement to the Publisher feature that will significantly elevate your experience. With this update, we have implemented a refined regrouping mechanism for invoices, optimizing how data is presented for better insights and analysis.