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The Swiss Neutral CRM for the public sector

InvestGlass facilitates the swift and incremental transformation of public services by simplifying processes, enhancing productivity, and fostering creativity.

Swiss Neutral First
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InvestGlass is Swiss & Neutral without interference from any other governments to guaranty your data sovereignty.
Digital onboarding with InvestGlass

Digital onboarding

InvestGlass Digital Onboarding is a powerful tool that can be leveraged by the public administration for various purposes, ranging from tax collection to providing COVID loans. The seamless and efficient digital onboarding process offered by InvestGlass enables the public administration to onboard clients remotely, saving valuable time and resources. With InvestGlass, the process of collecting tax payments can be streamlined, making it easy and hassle-free for citizens. Moreover, during the pandemic, InvestGlass Digital Onboarding has been particularly useful in providing COVID loans to businesses in need. By adopting InvestGlass, public administration can improve their operational efficiency and provide a better experience to citizens and businesses alike.
InvestGlass Email System

Prepare for the future with tools running in your own server

InvestGlass offers an impressive array of marketing tools that help businesses prepare for the future by facilitating emergency communication reporting, tracking, and coordination. With the agile platform provided by InvestGlass, emergency response can be reimagined and made more efficient, resulting in a better response and recovery. This platform allows organizations to track readiness across their facilities and communicate effectively across various channels, including email, SMS, and social media. InvestGlass also enables the capture of crucial information at every stage of the response process, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Moreover, this platform can scale up call, web, chat, and text response systems and manage both initial and long-term procedures for better results.
InvestGlass pipeline

Modernise your embassy

InvestGlass can be an excellent solution for embassy works, offering a range of features that can streamline operations and improve efficiency. With InvestGlass, embassy staff can manage various tasks, including document management, appointment scheduling, and consular services. The platform provides secure and efficient communication channels, enabling embassy officials to communicate with their constituents and stakeholders worldwide effectively. Additionally, InvestGlass offers tools for managing visa applications and processing, providing a seamless experience for applicants. The platform also allows embassies to manage their budgets, expenses, and financial reports, providing real-time insights into their financial performance. Overall, InvestGlass can be a valuable asset to embassies, simplifying complex processes and enhancing their operational capabilities.
InvestGlass Client portal

Get a scalable, flexible, and secure platform

InvestGlass Client portal can be a valuable tool for public administration as it provides a scalable, flexible, and secure platform that can meet the needs of government agencies and their constituents. Here are some ways that public administration can benefit from using the InvestGlass Client portal: scalability, flexibility,security,collaboration, accessibility.