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Portfolio Management System with ChatGPT

The Swiss made solution for automated brokers, private banks and neobank.
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Mariana and the PMS

Track portfolio intelligently using data and AI.

InvestGlass’s portfolio management system offers specialised automations for MIFID, LSFIN FIDLEG, providing actionable insights throughout the sales journey.

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

InvestGlass Portfolio

The Complete Portfolio Management System

InvestGlass consolidates financial management for banks and family firms, offering real-time monitoring and comprehensive portfolio analysis in its premium version.

Portfolio management

Suitability & Appropriateness

InvestGlass offers real-time data tracking, compliance checks, and integrates with trading solutions while also supporting investment research and storing compliance data.

Automate investment life cycle

InvestGlass PMS aids sales teams in monitoring investor commitments. PE, VC, brokers, will enjoy the sales tools. 

Model Portfolio

Performance attribution
and portfolio rebalancing

InvestGlass’s portfolio management benefits from a Data Management Platform (DMP), which organizes and analyzes diverse investment data, aiding decision-making. Coupled with InvestGlass’s advisory services, this enables personalized, data-driven investment advice and real-time market updates, enhancing portfolio management efficiency and customization.

and investment tracking

InvestGlass’s automation capabilities streamline portfolio management, automating investment tasks and stock screening. Its templates add convenience, saving businesses time and money. This makes InvestGlass a powerful portfolio management software in the market.


ESG Screening

With the increasing emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors in investing, InvestGlass could potentially use its DMP to assess and score investments based on ESG criteria. This could help clients make investments that align with their personal values, in addition to their financial goals.

The Portfolio Management System
With Features Your Team Will Love

Compatible with BO and LPOA structures

Metrics Customisable Reports

Real-time performance tracking

Suitability pre-checks

Automated quarterly reporting

Hosted on Swiss cloud or on your servers