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The 5 most effective financial services marketing techniques

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If you are in the financial services industry and want to learn more about how to market your business, this blog post is for you! We will go over 5 marketing techniques that can help all financial marketers in generating leads and increase revenue. These tips include social media marketing strategies, lead generation through multiple marketing channels, and brand awareness, which every financial services company should know. Read on if you want to learn how to take your business from good to great!

1) Customer outreach with financial services companies

Financial institutions should implement within their marketing strategy, effective interaction with their target audience. This can be achieved through multiple channels of digital marketing. From free consultation, and specific financial services webinars, to potential client interaction from educational programs. This way, companies within the financial services sector can achieve better exposure to their products and relevant services.

2) Digitization of products within a Financial Services Company

Financial services marketing of the future should definitely be focused on digitization. Generation x and z prefer to mainly focus on digital marketing through mobile devices, company website, and search engines. The marketing campaigns should be focused on paid ads for a better target audience and customer loyalty within the social media platforms of financial services companies. Marketing tools should also be digitalized since they can bring extra added value to the company.

3) Automation tools and big data

Every financial service marketing agency should be able to utilize its data and derive insightful results. This will allow financial companies to target specific customers, help identify services and needs before they are needed, and in general make your marketing campaigns more efficient. Automation CRM is a very useful tool for every marketing department since it can automate most tasks of the marketing pipeline process. Automation is the best way for financial institutions to reduce marketing efforts.

4) Digital Storytelling through your social media channels

Marketers within financial service companies should focus on creating interesting stories for their customers. This way, they create engagement with their potential customers and high interest to search deeper for their company. A high focus should be put on social media channels since it is the easiest and more efficient way to reach your prospective financial services providers. We are working with banks and financial institutions that understood that margins are in niches. Niche is a term used in marketing, and specifically in search engine optimization (SEO). It describes a small, specialized market. A niche market is one that is not well known to the general public and is often characterized by its high level of interest in a particular subject.

5) Financial services marketing campaigns are proactive and creative

The best financial services marketers are proactive and creative. They understand that consumers use myriad sources to find the right advisor, so they proactively create content on their website, blog about effective marketing tactics in the industry (like this post!), and share helpful tips with their audience via social media. A financial services marketer must be proactive in order to be successful. They must anticipate the needs of their clients and provide creative solutions. By being proactive, a financial services marketer can build trusting relationships with their clients and set themselves apart from the competition.

The financial services industry is changing rapidly, and it’s important for all companies to be up-to-date with the latest trends. InvestGlass has been researching and developing digital tools that will help you stay ahead of this revolution. We know how complicated marketing in finance can be – but if you start using our online tools today, we can make sure your company stays on top in 2022!

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