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A bit of story

We built InvestGlass to automate the sales and compliance process. We built InvestGlass with the dream, that we can make the sales process more productive and more compliant.  We built InvestGlass with the dream that an alternative to Salesforce and Microsoft US CRM can exist in Switzerland. 

We built InvestGlass because we believe that another private banking is possible. We built InvestGlass because we believe that inclusion financing is possible thanks to Fintech. 


Our First Full Banking Integration

After 2 years of challenging work, the InvestGlass team successfully integrate core banking to offer superior digital onboarding and advisory tools. The tools are made for MIFID and FIDLEG advisory. 


We Moved to Our New Headquarter

Yeh ! Jargonnant. And we expand our team with talents in India, France and Switzerland. The product digital onboarding is expanded and the CRM is fully customizable. It’s HUGE!


Incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland

InvestGlass is founded with Sebastien and Diego. The dream is set to build the best automation tool to deliver the best advice at the best time to the right investor. 

Building in Geneva InvestGlass is also important as Geneva is home to the most prestigious Swiss Private Banks. 

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