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Collaborative Portal for Clients and Employees 

Compared to the alternative of exchanging emails or messages outside of a portal, client portals are much more secure.
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The #1 Collaboration platform

InvestGlass offers a hyper-personalized portal for client engagement, featuring secure messaging, quote requests, and account information access. It integrates with ZOOM or JITSI for video calls, and boasts a task and project management system for team collaboration. The portal, embedded in a CRM, prioritizes leads and optimizes customer interactions.

Design pages

Customize with your branding

To make the user experience cohesive across all platforms, set colors and logo styles in your online services to match what you would like in an outside-facing business.

Documents electronic vault

InvestGlass provides secure document sharing and management tools akin to Google Drive on Swiss servers. It also offers a personalized, all-in-one portal featuring secure messaging, quote requests, and account information. Document sharing is facilitated via S3 AMAZON open-source format, with enhanced security through two-factor authentication.

Automations for collaborative portal

InvestGlass provides efficient online collaboration via automation, integrating instant messaging and video conferencing, while its CRM prioritizes high-value prospects for enhanced productivity.

Sell efficiently on one platform.

Create beautiful portals

Craft visually stunning portals that captivate users and enhance their digital experience effortlessly.

Provide a streamlined login experience and consistent branding.

Offer users a seamless login journey and maintain consistent branding across all interactions, ensuring a cohesive and professional user experience.

Link to InvestGlass Portfolio Management

You can access InvestGlass’s portfolio management platform through their official website

Automating the Employee Onboarding Process

Efficiently automate the employee onboarding process, from paperwork to training, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for new hires.

Calendar and Conference

Effortlessly schedule meetings and conferences with integrated calendar and conferencing features, optimizing collaboration and productivity.

Swiss Cloud Storage

Safeguard your data with Swiss cloud storage solutions, ensuring robust security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.