Collaborative Portal
for Clients and Employees

Compared to the alternative of exchanging emails or messages outside of a portal, client portals are much more secure.

Simple, no code platform to build your community.

InvestGlass is hosted in secured servers in Switzerland.

Digital onboarding InvestGlass

Enhance productivity with apps that keep your community engaged.

Save your support team time and energy by encouraging self-sufficiency among your clients with a user-friendly client portal.

The #1 Collaboration platform

Engage each prospect, colleague, and client with a hyper-personalized portal. The portal can be branded with your company’s logo and colors. It can also be customized with the content that each customer wants to view. The portal will include a secure messaging system so that customers can communicate with you easily and quickly. They can also request quotes, track orders and access their account information.

The tools are connected to ZOOM or JITSI for video calls or video conferencing. The task management system will keep you organized and on track. You can create to-do lists, set deadlines, and collaborate with team members. The project management system will help you to keep track of your progress and ensure that each project is completed on time.

The portal is embedded into a full CRM which helps manage tasks and customer interactions. The CRM also includes a lead scoring system that grades each prospect’s interest in your product or service. This information can be used to prioritize your time and effort.

Customize with your branding

To make the user experience cohesive across all platforms, set colors and logo styles in your online services to match what you would like in an outside-facing business.

Documents electronic vault

Share documents with prospects and clients. Share important documents with your clients. Have your client share their documents with you. Documents are hosted on Swiss servers. InvestGlass tools are hosted on a Swiss Server offering the best digital sovereignty. Creative teams will find the same google drive simplicity. Configure your portal to include the content that is important to you and your customers. Add a secure messaging system, configure quote requests, and access to account information. Have everything you need in one place. Your personalized portal awaits. Document sharing is built on an open-source format S3 AMAZON which facilitates migration. You can also share files with a two-factor authentication question or SMS code verification.

Automations for collaborative portal

InvestGlass automation offers the best online collaboration tool. Our easy-to-use automation will save you time and money. With our collaborative portal, you can automate the sending of quotes and orders, configure email alerts for price changes, new products, or when a prospect or client is lost, and receive real-time notifications of comments on your products. Instant messaging are connected to automation to dispatch workload among your team members. Video conferencing tools are connected to contact reports so you can track the time spent by your team.

Group chat and Microsoft Teams can be connected to the InvestGlass communication tools platform. Workflow automation and the special approval process tools are key features of our collaborative portal. The InvestGlass CRM is the perfect tool to manage your interactions with customers. The CRM includes a lead scoring system that grades each prospect’s interest in your product or service. This information can be used to prioritize your time and effort.

Integrate it with your other business apps

API are the protocols that allow different software to talk with each other. We use the open REST API. You don’t need special coding skills. 

  • Signatys

  • Connective

  • Qwil logo


  • Scorechain

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Trello

  • Ardis

  • Investment Navigator

    Investment Navigator

  • Jira Integrations

  • Conser

  • Quo

  • Zapier

  • Google

Enhance Productivity

Create beautiful portals

Provide a streamlined login experience and consistent branding.

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