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InvestGlass #1 Swiss CRM software built for banks and marketing automation

Investglass is the only sales automation tool built in Switzerland and hosted on a Swiss cloud the company is owned by a Swiss private family. This makes this CRM software the most unique solution for banks cautious about data privacy.
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InvestGlass Automation in Five Tools

Digital onboarding

Flexible CRM

Portfolio management for MIFID and LSFIN

Marketing automation

Client engagement portal

The purpose of InvestGlass is to automate sales and compliance.

It’s no secret that sales automation tools can be a huge help for banks and insurance companies, but with so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the best for your business. In this article, we’ll take a look at InvestGlass, a Swiss-based CRM platform that offers a wide range.

InvestGlass is built with five pillars:

  1. digital boarding
  2. a full flexible customer relationship management software or a CRM
  3. a sophisticated portfolio management tool
  4. a powerful marketing productivity tool
  5. a simple engagement portal to help you build and design the digital experiences

Today we will show you successful use cases inside our sales productivity cloud the first is lead generation and account opening. The second is investment solicitation and customer retention with the KYC remediation tool.

Digital onboarding is the first step of your sales funnel.

We built a solution offering the experience neobank and traditional banks are looking for. With InvestGlass forms, your sales team can delegate the onboarding process to their customers. Lead management is simple as form are fully flexible

Forms are completely customizable with no code. They are currently used by banks, commercial banks, and neobanks and brokers to deliver gorgeous digital onboarding. They are connectable with tools such as face recognition, e-signature, probity check and sanction check.

No code means a tremendous upgrade for marketing and legal teams that can build their own forms to capture the right customer data.

It’s an incredible tool to offer powerful lead acquisition, yet sophisticated experiences such as multiple parties or beneficial owners onboarding. The onboarding system will offer a stunning lead scoring solution for client risk assessment or credit scoring.

The system is faster than ever. The form system is fully compatible with your customer’s mobile devices.

The system now includes the 2 FA verification via email and SMS which offers a full complex onboarding without the usage of a client portal.

The digital form will be available at the same great price of 149 per user and per month.

Automating sales processes with InvestGlass

Now let me show you the best way to automate your sales process. InvestGlass is offering an amazing, secure and easy way to engage the right investors at the right time.

You see InvestGlass has a secret. It has a powerful tool which helps bankers stop guessing which investor should be contacted next. This is a great tool for sales forecasts too.

InvestGlass embarks on a powerful artificial intelligence which offers a fantastic sales forecasting tool. The tool now includes MIFID and FINSA regulatory screening. The sales process is made intuitive as InvestGlass crosses in live time height levels of data.

InvestGlass is made with a machine learning tool to enable powerful marketing campaigns.

You will get powerful tools such as the publisher that will automatically generate thousands of solicitations and portfolios quarterly directly delivered via email, SMS or into your secured customer portal. Those tools are perfectly made to send quarterly legal reporting to your investors.

The PMS, a portfolio management tool, intelligently suggests the next trade and advice. With the most complex tools suitability, concentration, appropirentaness

If you compare this to your existing tools, InvestGlass sales automation is delivering 5 times more lead

Tools your relationship manager and sales teams will love

The tool is delivering incredible power accelerating your sales pipeline like never. With an InvestGlass tool, a banker s now 5 a times more than banker without tools. Automated workflows will change your marketing efforts and returns.

This sales tool is powerful to reduce the sales cycle and will provide predictive lead scoring. Based on this score, automation features can send emails or SmS to automate customer interactions if data is missing for example. The sales strategy will be automated as well as email marketing, social medial platforms targeting, and automation campaigns.

Of course, you know that your sales reps and bankers are losing about 60% of their time with sales. We wanted to bring the InvestGlass experience even further. We found a way to bring KYC remediation to another generation. InvestGlass KYC remediation is an extremely powerful yet secure tool to facilitate this complex process.

Sales tasks are completely pre-selected and sorted inside this campaign tool. InvestGlass automatically spots information that is at risk or needs to be verified.

The marketing solution is then used with workflow automation to send hyper-individualised messages to your investors. If after 5 days, they did not reply, another automation workflow is used to ask again, then escalation can be triggered to make sure that you will be the star of the banking industry.

Each customer interaction is recorded into an audit trail which is mandatory in financial services.

The unique automation CRM system hosted on Swiss Servers

Your bank deservers the right automation suite. Smart tech and automation will make work and workplaces more fulfilling You can order your InvestGlass Automation Suite it is compatible with our solutions and is perfect for banks and those looking to build.

InvestGlass sales enablement suite is hosted in Switzerland and the company is owned by Swiss shareholders. This is key to protecting your investor’s data in a safe harbor.