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Swiss Hosted.

All-in-one sales automation tool.

InvestGlass helps you sell more efficiently by unifying your outreach, engagement, and automation into a simple, flexible Swiss Sovereign CRM.

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Credit Agricole Next Bank
Linear Investment
Aeon Investments
Aeon Investments

How does it work?

Delivering the best so you can close deals faster, InvestGlass is the premier Swiss sovereign platform, tailored for professionals seeking a Non-U.S. Cloud Act Solution.

Fast setup with AI

With our CSV import tool, you can swiftly import your leads and contacts within minutes. Gen AI helps you create sales processes, tags, and workflows.

All-in-one selling on premise or cloud

With InvestGlass, your team can effortlessly prioritise and engage with high-quality leads. It seamlessly integrates with your custodian feed, email and calendar right from the get-go.

Automate outreach with AI

Leverage Sequences, Approval Process, Automation and automated reminders to significantly boost response rates without exerting extra effort thanks to AI.

The Best Tools from the Leading
Swiss All-in-one Solution

Digital Onboarding


Portfolio Management

No-Code Automation

Marketing Automation

Highly Customisable

Approval Process

On-Prem or Swiss Cloud

Loved by Builders.

InvestGlass is the CRM for companies that care about geopolitical independence while benefiting from modern tools like digital onboarding, artificial intelligence, and powerful portfolio management tools.

Scale with security

The Perfect Tool for Banks

Transform your Digital Onboarding Operations and substantially Improve Customer Satisfaction. No programming is needed, and all data is hosted in Switzerland.

Swiss Safe Artificial Intelligence

Enable collaboration between departments and teams by unifying technology and workflows.