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Automate Sales & Compliance
with #1 Swiss CRM

Unleash growth now with Sales GPT.

The Swiss Cloud Software that’s powerful and Swiss Sovereign. Seamlessly onboard new customers, and connect your data to one Automation Software that grows with your business.

500’000+ users in over 120 countries growing their business with InvestGlass

How it works

InvestGlass automate your business, safer in a Swiss cloud.
InvestGlass the Swiss CRM

1. Fast setup

With our CSV import tool, you can swiftly import your Leads and Contacts within minutes. Additionally, our free migration tool allows a hassle-free transition from more than a dozen CRMs with just a single click.
InvestGlass the Swiss Portfolio Management Tool

2. All-in-one selling

With InvestGlass, your team can effortlessly prioritize and engage with high-quality leads. It seamlessly integrates with your custodian feed, email and calendar right from the get-go. Moreover, it comes with built-in features like calling, SMS, and a Sumsub integration for added convenience.
InvestGlass Approval Process and Automation

3. Automate outreach

Leverage Sequences, Approval Process, Automation and automated reminders to significantly boost response rates without exerting extra effort. This will enable you to see a return on your InvestGlass investment in a matter of weeks.

Find innovations for any industry.

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    Bank & Financial Services

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    Automation helps government focus on the most important tasks.