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InvestGlass is the client automation software you need to increase productivity and optimize your marketing strategies. It’s an easy to use client management tool that will take your business to the next level!

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Save your support team time and energy by encouraging self-sufficiency among your clients with a user-friendly client journey.

Give a kick to your business process and marketing automation

With InvestGlass automation, the business owner will automat tasks like never before. All repetitive tasks will be automated from lead nurturing, and customer satisfaction data collection. InvestGlass Swiss Cloud helps a hundred organizations automate performance management activities and increase employee productivity. Email marketing activities using a client distribution list will be automated with individualized email. Sales teams will appreciate sending an individual email with a few clicks to save time.
Approval process

Approval process for business automation

InvestGlass’s approval process feature allows you to automatically launch an approval question when a document is signed or a form submitted. Specify the approvers or select a team of approvers. Notify the approvers when the process starts as well as when the process ends. Freeze the form or document while the process is ongoing. Decide on the approval rule of acceptance. Approval process with improve your entire team’s daily chores and improve customer experience in the long run. The approval process tool is flexible and customizable to any business needs.

Program your own business process

For more complex automated processes, InvestGlass let you access to servers and R and Python. Simple automation tool offers limited functionality. InvestGlass is the only cloud-based software where you can create your own algorithm. Your team can then use the API to leverage the only Swiss all-in-one software.

Queues and business automation tool

Set specific sequences of automation, approval process, tasks, or pipeline change notification. Your sales rep will be guided by the machine when they need to make a human intervention. The InvestGlass artificial intelligence will send to your sales rep, compliance officer or customer email marketing message, notification when they need to interact.

Integrate it with your other business apps

Do you have an ERP or another in-house software? No problem! With the InvestGlass API, you can easily connect to any system. The entire team will work on the same platform without requiring different login credentials for each application.
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  • Connective

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  • Scorechain

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Trello

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  • Conser

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