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Automation Tools and ChatGPT

Enable collaboration between departments and teams by unifying technology and workflows.
Empower your team
Automation tools
Swiss servers
Geneva, Switzerland

Automate with a Swiss Neutral CRM

Kick to your business process and marketing automation

InvestGlass automation streamlines repetitive business tasks like lead nurturing and customer data collection. Its Swiss Cloud boosts performance management and employee productivity in many organizations.

Approval Process to save time

InvestGlass’s approval process automates decision-making by triggering approvals upon document submission, locking it during review, and notifying approvers. This system streamlines team tasks, enhances customer experience, and can be customized to fit your business’s unique requirements.

Program your own business process

InvestGlass provides access to servers and R and Python for complex automation, enabling the creation of custom algorithms on its unique Swiss all-in-one cloud software, accessible through an API for team use.


Queues and business automation tool

Automate sequences, approval processes, and notifications with InvestGlass AI. It guides sales reps through necessary human interventions. Alerts are sent to sales reps, compliance officers, or customers when interaction is required.

We make Automation,

so People Don’t Have to be Robots

Multiple steps automation

KYC business process automation

Portfolio management monitoring

Connect third party softwares

Task orchestration

Hosted on Swiss cloud or on your server