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A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a software application used by businesses to track and manage customer interactions and information.

InvestGlass CRM is best for businesses that want to track and manage customer interactions and information. It can help businesses keep track of customer data, interactions, and history, which can help them better understand their customers and improve customer service. Additionally, InvestGlass CRM can also help businesses manage their finances and investments, making it a comprehensive CRM solution.

How to Successfully use a CRM System?

CRM stands for customer relations management. It’s a CRM software that collects customer data.

CRM is not a plug and play tool that you simply add to your stack. Particularly if you have a company with more than 10 employees you have to make sure that your serum produces 10 times the cost. If you spend one euro with your CRM you must make sure that your CRM software will make you earn at least €10.

Nearly 80% of all CRM projects fail. The reason isn’t the software, but poor user adoption. Usually, CRMs are built by consultants that are trying to put as many elements as possible. The right way to do it is to reduce features as much as possible to fix with everyday customer support and listen to the team needs to reduce. However, only a few succeed. Why? Because most do not adopt CRM best practices. InvestGlass CRM collected the best practices we could find – a mix between customisation options and ready-made templates. Here we summarise the 5 top things you must do when using a CRM.

1. Ensure your top management buy-in

Let’s be obvious, if you don’t have the management into the loop, it is not possible to have an efficient CRM build. Senior management have to buy the tool and most importantly the vision! Starting a CRM, particularly for enterprises that never used one, is a challenge. The sales team and sales management have to be ready as prospects will be collected into a common CRM tool. CRM implementation always takes more time than expected because sales processes that were made on-paper have to be digitalised. Notes, email, products, lead, will be tracked into a data warehouse and this could change the mindset of some companies. Years ago, I remember that bankers were very reluctant to pull this data into a common system. It is now key for company revenue and valued to track all commercial interactions.

2.Find a geek project manager

For all the projects that we successfully managed, companies had a fortnight project manager. It doesn’t need to be a specialist but at least someone that will listen to the team requirements, understand customer communications, technology, email, phone number system, note tracking, lead management, and have a clear view of the customer history. CRM Customer relationship management software is about creating a sales marketing experience and user-friendly customer experience that will fit your business mindset and customers. Hence, it is important to find a colleague sharing a clear vision of customer relationships. The CRM strategy can change over time and customer experiences too. Some CRMs are very complex to manage… we say if you start a Salesforce CRM then you need a Salesforce specialist full time. That’s not completely wrong.

3. Appoint 2 super users and not necessary salespeople

To make sure that the CRM will be used correctly and that you will find the right buying patterns, we suggest you grant access to 2 “super users”. It could be people from the salesforce, compliance, business owners… I am sure you will find two people in your organization excited to use new software. Those 2 super users will be the first contacts to help and track the product evolution, the latest apps, and so forth. Yet, it is important that the super users are also part of the sales strategy, understand the products, and meet marketing team requirements and key performance indicators.

4. Launch the CRM with a productivity goal

CRMs used to make you busy… now they make you productive. Sales and marketing teams are often underestimated and believe that the CRM application lack efficiency. The CRM will collect information and become an essential knowledge base for your enterprise. The objective of CRM is to make repetitive tasks as automated as possible. With automation, summer interactions are efficient and will lead to more business and customers.

5. Define the CRM strategy and overcome rejections

CRM software is not just a technology. It’s a philosophy as it’s the core of your business process. It’s important to include all departments in the business processes set up in the CRM systems, from sales managers and logo creators to senior management and analysts, inclusion is a cornerstone. The CRM platforms are replicating the sales cycle and the sales process to improve the day-to-day tasks.

No need to remove the good for the great, simply connect your legacy applications to InvestGlass with our state-of-the-art API. Eliminate programmers, we have done the « mum » test and she can do it too. If she can do it, you can too. InvestGlass simplifies testing and deployment with minimum resources.

Conclusion are you ready to start your customer relationship management CRM? 

You know the Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot CRMs, which pricing are sometimes ambiguous, thus we recommend you to read our pricing comparison article to learn more about pricing structure differences and features benefits. Be aware that “No credit card” teasers can be misleading CRM adds. CRMs always have a cost… Yet, we believe customer relationship management CRM is about sharing values before sharing services. If you are ready to repeat customer interactions with a given pattern then a CRM is a system you must use to prove and repeat business best practices and track your customers’ interactions. If your company has more than 10 employees or salespersons, then you need to restrict the data access and you must use a CRM. We hear often that it’s all about data, it’s all about data… in a way this is true but it’s also about customers, customers, customers…

Don’t be busy ! Be Productive !

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The 5 best CRMs for banking success

The 5 best CRMs for banking success

To make sure that you will find the right CRM, first you should know them all of course it would be a long article and we will focus on some key CRM here.

What is a CRM as it relates to the banking industry?

Like in any industry, choosing a CRM for financial institutions is not something that easy. CRM stands for customer relationship management solution. In a CRM you will store customer data and use marketing automations, sales pipeline to engage with the right client in the right time.

Most CRM nowadays include workflow automation and customer satisfaction algorithme to improve your customer relationships. .

CRM solutions are key to improve sales and marketings efforts. For financial institutions, data storage is a major issue. InvestGlass a Swiss cloud-based solution took the decision to offer both, on cloud in Singapore, Luxembourg, UK, France, Switzerland, and also on-premise.

Of course small businesses will be satisfied with cloud based solution, larger institutions will need on premise to store customer data in a perimeter they trust.

Banking CRM software is a hot topic and sales team are seduced by modern and AI-based tools to ease customer acquisition and customer retention.

And the industry is only growing:

CRM software revenue forecast

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Why use a banking CRM systems?

Many benefits – but #1 is reduced time to build with little customization or worst coding of the customer relationship management systems: Here is a list of what :

  • Converting more leads into clients
  • Marketing automation
  • Contact management
  • Customer experience tracking
  • Personalizing and improving customer experience and communication
  • Improving sales and marketing productivity by making all client information easy to access
  • Enabling internal data cohesion and collect customer satisfaction data in a coherent sales CRM

There are quite a few to choose from, though, so let’s take a look at the five leading CRMs for banking.

The 5 best Customer Relationship management platforms for the banking industry

#1. InvestGlass.com

Recently awarded by CAPGEMINI, InvestGlass.com is the CRM made for banking teams that choose to close deals faster and with more relevancy. InvestGlass is the only Swiss CRM with no dependencies to the Cloud Act.

We build the CRM software around an open ecosystem that benefits from legacy pillars such as digital onboarding, KYC automation, marketing automation tool, portfolio management, and workflow automation.

Customers’ interactions are prioritize with a sense of suitability of the latest deals you wish to promote. Marketing tools are helping you to hype- individualized each solicitation. Sales and marketing efforts are simplified as the banking template are

You will find here a list of CRM you can connect too with InvestGlass Swiss Cloud:

InvestGlass has prebuilt templates for sales automation in the financial industry environment. With digital forms embed into the CRM software, the data collection from lead capturing or complex account opening forms is made easy.

Prebuilt templates are specially tailored for a bank’s customer relationships and marketing automation are refined with a Swiss touch to make sure that you communicate with your customers are the right time, with the right information, and in the right manner!

It’s more than a simple CRM software, it’s an ecosystem of +30 fintech partners which connect with the API a simple yet complex enough customer relationship management software.

#2. monday.com as a CRM software

A joyful and colourful CRM – Monday. com is a tool that will help teams with opportunity management. The CRM offers pre-built templates and it’s a real integrated markets tools with many features.

Here a view of Monday.comCRM template from Monday.com

(Image Source)

Specific benefits for banks of this CRM system:

When using Monday.com you will instantly find customer information and a cloud-based CRM with all you need to automate sales.Monday.com is perfect too for small businesses looking for mobile apps and of course top industry project management tool.

#3: Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM software

If you want to build a novel or a full 3-D video game, salesforce with more than 20% market share would definitely be Madamde Bovary of Flaubert or WOW level 100…

Dissolution offers sales force automation which is definitely nice to have if you wish to shorten your life cycle management and your sales pipeline. The solution Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s fully customizable CRM for sales, marketing, and support and it needs a lot of adjustments.

Find here a snapshot of the Sales Cloud dashboard:

Sales Cloud dashboard

(Image Source)

Specific benefits for banks of this CRM system:

Sales force automation has interesting AI features for sales reps that will shorten their sales cycle and marketing efforts.

The Sales Cloud will analyzes customer behavior, manage leads and scores leads, prioritizes certain activities that present the best opportunities, and creates bespoke workflows for your reps to ensure a high standard of communication with your clients. It is a state-of-the-art banking CRM software which has complex templates for financial services and insurance.

In a nutshell, the Sales Cloud artificial intelligence tells your sales reps what to do and when to do it, organize customer interactions, based on what it thinks presents the best opportunity!

Sales Cloud CRM is very helpful to create reports and offers modern mobile capabilities.

#4: SugarCRM

Yes you might not think about SugarCRM but it’s a truly complete experience and full CRM tools build all CRM functionality you would require for banking. The machine helps to build marketing campaigns and automate processes.

Here’s a snapshot of SugarCRM:

Snapshot of SugarCRM dashboard

(Image Source)

Specific benefits for banks of this CRM system:

This is clearly an affordable banking CRMs, offering similar functionality to Salesforce Sales Cloud but with more aggressive pricing.

Despite being relatively affordable, SugarCRM is a powerful sales CRM that has helped many banking achieve strong growth and operational efficiency.

The CRM platform isn’t just about customer retention. SugarCRM also offers a powerful marketing automation platform called Sugar Market.

#5: Creatio

You might know it as as Bpm’online, Creatio CRM platform is a low code platform for both CRM and business process management (BPM).

Business process management (BPM) is an operations management discipline that involves modeling, analyzing, improving, optimizing, and automating business processes. The tool your COO would dream to improve operational efficiency.

Here a Creatio dashboard illustration:

Creatio dashboard

(Image Source)

Specific benefits for banks of this CRM system:

If you want a CRM platform to match with customers’ needs and respect customer lifecycle then Creatio is a fantastic solution. Creatio offers too for opportunity management as well and will help you filter sales leads with a colorful approach. Creatio offers multiple tools but the automation process part is the key element of this CRM solution.

#6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

No need for an introduction to Microsoft! Do you know their CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365?

This is a very powerful CRM for financial institutions looking for embed email marketing, sales automation and social media platforms.

A picture of Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboard:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM dashboard

(Image Source)

This CRM platform is more than a simple banking CRM, it is a full ERP (enterprise resource planning) product with powerful analytics that will match most customer needs. The CRM capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM are endless. Definitely in the top 5 of the CRM programs!

Specific benefits for banks of this CRM system:

Most CRM systems have a bias, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful tool including customer communications and direct connection to emails which is important as a marketing solution. Integrated marketing strategy is becoming key with COVID19 pandemic issues and here you will find a top tool for customer profiles and direct email marketing.

We could also mention top CRM systems such as

Oracle CRM perfect for large financial institutions collecting potential clients data

Zoho CRM perfect for small businesses starting collecting cusotmer information

Zendesk CRM perfect CRM software for contact management and marketing automation

In conclusion which customer relationship management CRM system should you use?

InvestGlass Live Customer Chat

InvestGlass is the best CRM software in the small world of banking CRM. Customer relationship management solutions are about the way you are going to present customer data including their portfolio. Those top CRM can help you with workflow automation, financial services, email marketing, but few have the investment tools and portfolio management tools aspects.

As a regulated financial institution, choosing a customer relationship management CRM solution is about your priorities too… are you going for a cloud-based CRM software, or an on-premise, meaning installed on your servers or on a private cloud?

Do you have sufficient staff to customize the CRM, sales forecasting, create reports, understand the customer experience to match with the right mobile apps?

Get started today with InvestGlass.com’s free banking CRM template.

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