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It’s no secret that the banking industry is facing a crisis. As customer demands change, banks are scrambling to find ways to stay relevant and maintain profitability. CRM strategies for corporate banking can help with this challenge by increasing efficiency and revenue in an increasingly competitive environment.

Corporate Banking CRM ready for your financial institution

InvestGlass CRM is built to remove repetitive tasks. Customers’ interactions are filtered into sales pipelines and contractual obligations analyzed by our artificial intelligence.

Customer data and financial reports can be collected into digital forms. Contact information is directly sent to InvestGlass CRM software.

Sales pipelines are created. Trends and opportunities are analyzed for each customer segment Customer interactions are filtered into the pipeline and contractual obligations analyzed by our artificial intelligence. A bank employee will reduce their efforts thanks an excellent customer service organised around InvestGlass corporate banking CRM.

Customer relationship management or CRM system is hosted on Swiss servers but we can also host the software on your premise.

Financial services need smarter tools

The benefits of a corporate banking CRM are not just for customer experience but also to boost the bottom line.

The best CRM solutions are those that intelligently draws on data from across an organization, and InvestGlass has a proven track record of doing this in many sectors including retail banking, trade finance, and insurance.

All repetitive administrative tasks will be automated with automation and a sophisticated approval process. Welcome to the digital age! Where bank employees are happy.

InvestGlass focuses on personalized experience thanks to powerful e mail marketing tools, reduce marketing efforts, stimulate marketing initiatives, track marketing campaigns and audit trails that will spot abnormal information.

Originally built for banks, InvestGlass CRM solution is created to spot potential customers’ interests and identify trends faster. All customer expectations are stored in the CRM contact reports. All data is then processed in artificial intelligence created for the financial services industry.

Are you ready to increase customer satisfaction, bolster customer retention, and enforce contractual obligations? You are ready for InvestGlass banking CRM.


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