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What problem does digitalization solve? Myth, Cost, Adoption

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What problem does digitalization solve? We are looking forward to seeing you at this unique presentation organize with Investglass CEO Alexander.

During this presentation, we will highlight our latest findings in digitization trends what are the cost of digitalization and most importantly how to get your digitalization implemented right.

What problem does digitalisation solve? Myth, Cost, Adoption

What is the impact of digitalization?

Why is digitalization necessary?

Is transparency the magical cure to trust?

What are the challenges of digitalization?

How does digitalization affect banking, insurance and sales?


Digitalization is not only for client-facing as you might think it’s also inside your organization. You will discover that building a robot advisor means getting a plan B ready for those reluctant to this type of onboarding.

Therefore we will illustrate this presentation with specific use cases in the banking, insurance and sales brokerage industry. We will see how automation and approval processes can effectively enhance your productivity. We will look into the setup patterns to make sure that you are automation and digitization will reduce any type of friction. We will debunk the known and unknown apprehension in this digitalization process.

The digital tools can be connected to InvestGlass CRM.

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