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Top 5 Cold Email Templates

How to Craft Winning Cold Email Templates B2B in 2023

For any B2B marketers wanting to increase their ROI, it’s crucial to get your cold email game up in 2023. This blog post can help by offering the top recommended templates for crafting effective emails as well as tips and success stories from those who have already achieved stellar results with this approach. We know that 93% of B2B marketers utilize emails and 59% find them a major source of return so ensure you set yourself apart! It’s all aboute the very first line.

  • Positive set up call/meeting
  • Not interested
  • Not interested right now
  • Send me more information
  • We are already working with someone
  • I told the right person about you, and they’ll get back to you if they are interested
  • Out of office notifications

Key Takeaways for cold emailing

  • Craft winning B2B cold email templates in 2023 with the AIDA Formula, PAS Technique, Problem-Solver Template and more.
  • Personalize emails to build rapport & increase transaction rates.
  • Follow up regularly, ensure deliverability & track results for maximum success.

Top B2B Cold Email Templates for 2023

Mass Email with InvestGlass
Mass Email with InvestGlass

To be successful in this competitive market, it’s critical that your sales team know how to craft standout emails. With billions of emails sent and received each day, the use of high-quality B2B cold email templates is essential. Here are five top recommended examples for 2023: AIDA Formula Template, PAS Technique Template, Problem Solver Template, Insightful Research template, and Curiosity Driven Templates – all proven to boost open rates as well as response & close deals!

The AIDA Formula Template

The AIDA Formula Template is a trusted approach that aims to catch your prospect’s attention, address their pain points and motivate them into taking action, such as having a call with sales reps. This technique can work very well for data-orientated companies or expensive clients because it gets straight to the core of the prospects’ issues while providing an answer in form of either customer feedback or offering value solutions.

Once you merge this formula when constructing B2B cold emails not only does it draw focus from potential customers but also encourages eagerness and desire for whatever product or service you are promoting. Towards the end a decisive call to action should be included which will prompt movement towards reaching targets. Thus improving chances on closing deals successfully!

The PAS Technique Template

Subject lines can be key in a B2B cold email outreach campaign. When you reach out to the right person at your target company, it is essential to demonstrate an understanding of their pain points and provide a solution with tailored templates or even just one simple “quick question.”

To start off this process effectively, open by asking if their company faces any particular difficulty related to the problem presented. Highlight how negative consequences come into play without agitating them too much. Offer solutions that use custom-built B2B emails instead! Lastly but not least importantly make sure there’s clear call-to-action – inviting them for a quick conversation about potential resolutions will increase successful rates during these campaigns greatly. Ultimately using specific Cold Outreach Email Templates based on audience research should aid as well, so consider taking some time designing those beforehand!

The Problem-Solver Template

When it comes to cold emails, using the Problem-Solver Template is a great way for your message to stand out and address key pain points. This technique involves uncovering what difficulties recipients are dealing with, showing them how you can be part of their solution through success stories or customer testimonials that provide social proof about why they need you as well as giving an effective call-to-action at the end that invites them learn more about your service or schedule Discussions.

To create this type of email: first note down any issues prospects might have. Then show exactly how you’re able to help resolve these problems. Include evidence from customers who found success in working with you and finish off by requesting additional engagement such as inquiring into details regarding yours services or setting up meetings.

The Insightful Research Template

At the beginning of your email, you can demonstrate your expertise and understanding of their industry by incorporating a piece of insight about the prospect’s business. This could be something like an achievement or how they may be affected by certain trends in their field. Doing this research shows that you have taken genuine interest in what will help them succeed.

Include details on why and how your product/service would benefit from being applied to capitalize on this trend or overcome any challenges they are facing through providing a call-to-action inviting them for a quick call where Information is shared as well as offering other resources so that the person can become better acquainted with everything else related to it such as documentation, video presentations etc..

The Curiosity-Driven Template

To construct a curiosity-driven email, start by forming an engaging and captivating subject line that will capture the reader’s interest. Then use your opening sentence to Build up anticipation about what value your product or service can provide. After this brief introduction is done, present a clear call-to-action which invites prospects to find out more information and possibly schedule a discussion regarding how it would benefit their enterprise. This strategy of arousing intrigue in both the subject lines as well as early messages helps stand out amongst other emails found in people’s inboxes.

InvestGlass Email System
Integrate InvestGlass CRM elements inside your emails

Crafting the Perfect B2B Cold Email Template

Having a set of effective cold email templates is just one aspect for developing the perfect B2B cold email. It’s important to also comprehend some key practices which are essential in constructing an optimal message, such as understanding your intended audience, personalizing emails with compelling subject lines and opening lines, creating content-rich body paragraphs that carry meaningful weight when read alongside having clear call-to-actions present at every touch point during this outreach process will ensure success and provide better outcomes from anycold email campaign you run.

Know Your Target Audience

Before you initiate any cold email campaign, it is important to perform research on your target audience so as to effectively customize the content and approach of the message. Gather information regarding their issues, interests, and preferences. This will help make a connection with them through personalized emails that address their individual needs.

To dig deeper into knowing who they are, social media websites such as LinkedIn could provide insights towards goals or obstacles faced by prospects To giving clues about what resonates most for each person – thus making an impression when reaching out via cold mailings. Making sure messages have been tailored appropriately increases one’s chances of successful outreach compared to generic ones sent without personalization effort put in place first.

Personalization is Key

An essential part of any successful B2B cold email campaign is personalization. Addressing the customer’s name, organization and pain points not only ensures that your message isn’t flagged as spam but also enables you to create a connection with them. Studies have proven personalized emails can yield six times higher transaction rates, it needs to be at the core of your strategy for success.

To ensure all messages are uniquely tailored for each prospect, consider using InvestGlass AI email solution. This tool allows you to create personalized cold sales email templates that take into account each prospect’s company, job title, and pain points.

You can even customize the email subject line to include the prospect’s name or company name, adding an air of authenticity that can make a significant difference when trying to win over clients. Additionally, writing cold emails becomes a breeze with the use of pre-designed sales email templates.

For instance, if you know your prospect is struggling with a competitor’s product, you can tailor your cold outreach emails to highlight how your solution can alleviate their specific pain points. This not only shows that you understand their needs but also presents a unique selling proposition that can increase your chances of converting potential customers into actual leads.

ChatGPT integration with InvestGlass to help banks and advisors
ChatGPT integration with InvestGlass to help banks and advisors

Furthermore, the InvestGlass AI email solution can automate the sales process, allowing you to send out these personalized emails in just a few weeks or even days. It can also provide additional resources like the best cold email templates, strategies for crafting compelling subject lines, and tips on how to write personalized emails that pique the recipient’s interest.

Lastly, you can add a professional email signature to your emails to establish credibility and provide your prospects with your contact information for a brief call or a LinkedIn profile visit. With the InvestGlass AI email solution, crafting the perfect B2B email template for your sales teams has never been easier!y..

Compelling Subject Lines Matter

When it comes to emails, the subject line is absolutely key in catching your prospect’s attention. It can be argued that 47% of whether or not someone will open a message hinges on how appealing this text appears, so creating one which grabs their interest needs to become a priority. Short and personalized subjects tend work best – steering clear of words like ‘click here’ or ‘make money’, as these may cause filters to mark them as spam. Also focus on arousing curiosity. Maybe addressing an issue they’re struggling with – then you’ll boost up email opening rates plus have more chance at engaging readers effectively!

Engaging Opening Lines and compliance

Crafting a great subject line is an important part of any successful cold email campaign. The opening lines should provide something valuable to the reader, and address their needs or challenges so they’re encouraged to continue reading. This allows you to direct them towards taking action for what your product can offer in terms of success. By presenting this value from the start, prospects are more likely be responsive which furthers your chance at having positive outcomes through such campaigns.

As a content marketing manager, it’s crucial to understand how InvestGlass, with its portfolio management system, can streamline your business operations. This tool can help screen which securities and products can be offered to which clients, ensuring suitability and appropriateness.

InvestGlass Portfolio Management with Suitability Tests
Before sending sollicitation to your investors – check suitability and appropriateness

The system is particularly useful when crafting cold sales email templates. With the ability to tailor each template to the prospect’s job title and pain points, your sales emails become more relevant and impactful. This is a key element of a successful cold email strategy, allowing you to write cold emails that resonate with your potential customer on a deeper level.

Moreover, the system allows you to create a compelling subject line, which is often the deciding factor whether a cold email is opened or ignored. Even one-word subject lines can be effective if they align with the companies’ focus or address a prospect’s pain point.

With InvestGlass, you can generate more leads, turning every cold prospect into a potential customer. It even allows you to leave a personalized voice mail for those hard-to-reach prospects.

Effective Email Body

The main content of your email should be persuasive enough to get the prospect’s attention and make them act. To craft a convincing body, present solutions that can alleviate their issues while incorporating social proof as evidence for your claims. Keep it brief by using simple sentences and paragraphs. This way you can keep their focus on what matters most: satisfying their needs with the value of your product or service.

Showcase successful outcomes from customers who have already used you—addressing challenges they faced in order to highlight how effective these products were for addressing pain points specifically related to theirs—and use this narrative effectively throughout your message . By including all relevant elements like these into one succinct argument, prospects are more likely motivated by curiosity about learning more information after reading through everything presented within the email’s body copy.

Clear Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) within your cold email can dramatically boost the response rate. This CTA should be visible and directive, such as “Request a demo” or “Read our blog post.” By making it easy for prospects to understand what they need to do next, you have an improved chance of sealing more deals in the end. Including this clear direction at the conclusion of emails is essential if you are looking for high success with cold outreach messages!

Maximizing B2B Cold Email Success

When it comes to B2B cold email campaigns, emphasizing three main components – follow-up emails, guaranteeing they reach their intended targets and ongoing improvement, will lead to greater success in closing deals and cultivating meaningful partnerships with prospects.

Follow-Up Emails

For a successful B2B cold email campaign, sending follow-up emails is essential. Data shows that response rates can go up to 65.8%, so it’s important to make sure your emails are tailored and meet the recipient’s requirements precisely. Utilizing CRM software for automated tracking of messages ensures you don’t let any opportunities slip through your fingers.

Avoid overdoing this step. More than five follow-ups may put off potential customers instead of encouraging them into purchasing something from you.. To achieve success in gaining replies and converting sales when using cold outreach methods, personalize each message sent with precise timing between responses.

Ensuring Deliverability

If you want your cold email to get noticed, make sure it is reaching the prospect’s inbox. This can be achieved by following three essential steps: verifying addresses, steering clear of spam triggers and using a reliable mailing service provider.

Verifying contacts’ emails eliminates mistakes in sending messages that could damage sender reputation. While avoiding any kind of content which might trigger as “spam” will keep all important information intact so that it can pass through filters easily. Last but not least, opting for an experienced SMTP entity helps ensure mail delivery with less probability of failure or ending up in junk folders .

Continuous Improvement

Build intuitive automation with InvestGlass no code automation solution

Monitoring your campaign performance and adjusting your strategy based on data-driven insights will help you optimise the effectiveness of your cold email campaigns. Play around with different subject lines, copywriting, and templates to find what works best for engaging with a B2B target audience. Refine over time by staying informed about industry trends and practises so that you can make sure each message reaches its fullest potential.

Real-Life Success Stories

Successful B2B cold email campaigns can provide helpful motivation for your own marketing endeavors. A blog post with these stories will show you how to be proactive and use well-made templates while personalizing emails in order to make a connection with prospects, leading them towards completing deals. An example of this is an effective message that had praise, enticing hints, as well as a straightforward request which was featured on It got the attention of Richard Harris who followed his intuition and accepted the call, ultimately resulting in great business partnership between two parties through cleverly constructed cold emails . This goes to prove just how successful targeting tactics via carefully crafted messages can turn out!

Cold sales email template before the cold call

Using the right – prose – words is an art ! It should be a short sweet and precise request – no more than 4 sentences.

There are two approaches to cold emails:

  1. You are emailing someone high up in the company and asking for a referral down to the right person
  2. You are emailing the decision-maker directly, pitching them to sign up, set up a call

With you can copy and paste those texts directly into your email template so if you’re an happy user, you can copy and paste them directly into as an email template.


Cold email: Referral V1

Short subject line

Dear {{contact.first_name}},

My name is {{user.first_name}} and I head up business development efforts with {{}}. We recently launched a new platform that [one sentence pitch].

However, based on your LinkedIn online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with… or point me in the right direction.

I would like to speak with someone from {{}} who is responsible for [handling something that’s relevant to my product/service].

If it is you, are you open to a fifteen-minute call on [time and date] to discuss ways the {{}} platform can specifically help your business? If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person?

I appreciate the help,

Kind regards,



Cold email: Referral V2

Short subject line

Dear {{contact.first_name}},

I hope I’m not bothering you. Could you please refer me to the person in charge of [something that’s relevant to your product]?

Thanks for your time,

Kind regards,



Cold email: Referral V3

Short subject line

Dear {{contact.first_name}},

My name is {{user.first_name}} and I’m with {{}}. We work with organizations like {{}} to [one sentence pitch].

One sentence unique benefit.

Could you direct me to the right person to talk to about this at {{}} so we can explore if this would be something valuable to incorporate into your events?

Kind regards,



Subject line : Can you point me in the right direction?

Dear {{contact.first_name}},

Would you be so kind as to tell me who is responsible for [insert your biggest pain point here that resonates with your ideal customer OR insert function like “sales” or “recruiting”] and how I might get in touch with them?

Thank you,

Kind regards,


Organization cold email referral are short – i saw your company online doing this and that … can we talk… time and date cheers.. and a call to action.


Cold email: Selling V1

Short subject line

Dear {{contact.first_name}},

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out because [explain how you got their contact information and how you relate to them: talked to a colleague, saw their company online, etc.] {{}} has a new platform that will help [their team] at {{}}. [One sentence pitch of benefits.]

We do this by:

  • Benefit/Feature 1
  • Benefit/Feature 2

Let’s explore how {{}} can specifically help your business. Are you available for a quick call [time and date]?

Kind regards,



Cold email: Selling V2

Short subject line

Dear {{contact.first_name}},

I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to reach out because [explain how you got their contact information and how you relate to them: talked to a colleague, saw their

company online, etc.].

{{}} has a new platform that will help [their team] at {{}}. [One

sentence pitch of benefits.]

I know that {{}} will be able to help {{}} [insert high-level


Are you available for a quick call [time and date]?

Kind regards,



For achieving success in 2023, B2B cold emails must be meticulously crafted with a specific strategy in mind. This blog post shares top templates and best practices for constructing potent messages that cater directly to the needs of prospects and address their unique pain points. To make these emails more effective, it’s crucial to leverage tools like InvestGlass.

InvestGlass can help you identify your target audience, allowing you to tailor each message to address their specific needs. It helps in creating personalized emails that resonate with the recipient, leading to a higher response rate.

InvestGlass’s order management system can be used to create compelling subject lines and engaging opening lines that captivate your prospects from the get-go. The system also aids in crafting an effective email body that speaks directly to the recipient’s pain points, providing solutions that your product or service offers.

Finally, InvestGlass allows you to incorporate clear and actionable call-to-actions at the end of each email, directing your prospects towards the next step in their customer journey. By integrating these tactics, you can ensure maximum ROI on the effort you invest in developing successful B2B cold email campaigns!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a cold email for B2B?

Writing a cold email for B2B sales should include a catchy subject line, engaging greeting, personalized introduction, complimentary value proposition, social proof, and clear call-to-action. Show that you’ve done your homework by mentioning their company or industry, and grab their attention with concise, captivating subject lines.

Keep the message short, provide evidence of credibility, and tailor the offer to their needs. End with a simple, single CTA.

Cold emailing for B2B purposes can be legally permissible, as long it is supported by a lawful processing basis and the necessary details are provided to recipients. There must also be observance of certain data storage regulations. InvestGlass helps you track consent as well as NFAD and GDPR opt-in.

InvestGlass Opt-in and Audience Management

What is B2B cold email?

Cold emailing is an outreach strategy commonly used to introduce a company and its services/products without having any prior interaction with potential clients. It’s a cost-efficient approach that can help spread awareness about your business in an effective way.

What’s the best way to ensure my cold emails reach my prospect’s inbox?

To make sure your cold emails end up in the right place, check that the email addresses are valid and steer clear of any potential spam hazards. Utilizing a dependable email service provider will also guarantee successful delivery to each prospect’s inbox.

How many follow-up emails should I send in my B2B cold email campaign?

Limit your B2B cold email campaign to no more than five follow-up emails, evenly spaced out over a period of several weeks so as not to be annoying.