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Automated scheduling software is a must-have

Automated scheduling software is a must-have

If you’re a business owner, the phrase “time is money” couldn’t be more true. With that being said, it’s important to save time whenever possible and avoid scheduling conflicts. Calendly is an easy-to-use online tool that lets you schedule meetings with clients and potential customers without the back and forth of email or phone tag. It has two key features:

1) Calendly syncs your calendar so there are no double bookings

2) You can create custom meeting times for any day of the week

Set a meeting with Calendly

Calendly event is a customizable scheduling solution that allows you to accept or decline meeting requests from your calendar. You can also create custom availability options for a certain day, time, and date on any given week.

Calendly syncs with your InvestGlass Calendar so there is no double booking of appointments in the future! You can also connect Calendly event scheduling links to google calendar.

The software automatically synced with InvestGlass and creates custom availability options for a certain day, time, and date on any given week. The booking page is quite simple – white… and set event buffers between your events.

You can also create custom availability options for a certain day, time and date or even the entire month!

Create your meeting in seconds by inputting the desired number of participants. Once booked, the user will go a confirmation page.

Potential clients will receive reminders and link to the meeting which can be link to a room in Gotomeeting or Zoom.

Zoom is a great service for screen sharing and video conferencing. You can also set a custom welcome message to send users!

Schedule meetings is now easy

Each employee has his own agenda and it’s your prospect or client taht will create events. Basic account will have a watermark Calendly which you can remove when you subscribe to simple basic plan.

The contact has a dropdown menu where they can select the time slot in their own time zone. The app is fully compatible with mobile app.

You can host the calendar in a page or generate a scheduling link like this one.

This is an external site, so you might prefer to add an iframe into your website.

An iframe is a great option because you can keep your branding on the site and offer a unique experience to visitors. Inside InvestGlass client portal, you can also add the iframe with scheduling links added to your profile page. The calendly url can be your team url or your own. The pop up widget will help to set the meeting.

Is it difficult to setup your Calendly account?

Each team members account settings are centralized into a admin panel where you can setup event type fort your whole team. You will setup the Calendly url, and round robin.

Round robin is very useful when you have a team in different time zones. Round robin will check multiple calendars and facilitate one on one event on a particular calendar. Team events are now easy.

The event type can be invitee, organizer or both. Each event type should have a comprehensive description. The setup can be sometimes trick to automatically create the right meeting room. You can create unlimited event types.

Invitees will see the event when they receive an invitation and click on it to accept their spot. The employee is still able to edit the other events if needed.

Calendly page will also include a picture of your staff. Everything can be setup inside Calendly dashboard.

  • TimeTap.
  • Setmore.
  • Doodle.
  • Acuity Scheduling.
  • 10to8.
  • Chili Piper.
  • TimeTrade.

Most apps offer free accounts so you can try them all but usually, the cool stuff is accessible with premium users’ subscriptions. In most of them, you can create unlimited events and accept payments.

Calendly offers perhaps the most complete control on recurring events, multiple dates, text reminders, invite schedules, simple centralized billing… and it’s simple to connect Calendly, create group events. This solution helps us for the past years to remove all back-and-forth email exchanges. The solution works too for last-minute scheduling although I suggest you set up a minimum scheduling notice!

Schedule meetings with InvestGlass and Calendly are easy. Automated scheduling software will save you time and reduce the stress of back-and-forth emails.

Get started with your InvestGlass free trial.