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How to Create a Quiz Online?

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Complying with regulations is a time-consuming, expensive endeavor. Often the best way to ensure full compliance is by having an expert guide you through the process. This blog post will outline how to create a quiz that ensures your employees are aware of all pertinent compliance requirements.

What kind of quiz would you like to create? Short, long, multiple-choice, or a matching game? Are you a small business or a freelancer? Whatever the case may be, we have 5 steps for creating an awesome quiz online! We will discuss how to get started with your design process and making it user-friendly. We also give some examples of quizzes that people love around the web so you can see what we’re talking about!

Step 1: Give your Quiz a Name

It is very important to give a name that will be interesting enough to attract potential customers or users. Your name should be catchy but at the same time give a description of the topic you are about to discuss. Tags can be used on your prospect to build a personality quiz, or client risk classification if you are dealing with a private banking business.

Step 2: Enter your questions and answers or use a prebuilt quiz template

If you are addressing your questions to students or investors, you should make sure that your questions are short. The best quizzes are short and easy to answer. But if you want a more in-depth quiz, it should be well organized with the right mix of theoretical questions and practical ones. Your questions should also focus on one topic rather than cover too many and too many answer options. Setpoint value to each answer to get points for correct answers. The data analysis will show you quickly respondents’ knowledge or preferences. The points will show you student progress and client risk level. Scoring is flexible with the four mathematical operators +- / x. At last, don’t forget to ask respondents their email address or name to make sure that you will know who answered the survey.

Step 3: Customize your online quiz design with a zero-code quiz maker

Investglass templates can be changed to customize your forms with your own colors, and background in the preview, save, and submit buttons. Personality quizzes can be coloured. The branding is fully customizable. Customization is particularly important if you are hosting your quiz on your website for lead capture. You can select multiple question types and connect the correct answer to CRM categories, tags, or CRM fields. This direct link to InvestGlass CRM is extremely powerful!

Step 4: Share your quiz

The “trivia quiz” can be shared on social media, your website, or via email. If you are using your website; your website should be secured with an SSL – HTTPS. You can restrict the hosting parameter in the options settings to make sure that only in the designated website your form will be visible. You will spend few minutes reading all options in the settings tab to understand the options for your quiz.

Before you activate the quiz, try to check if the font size and the text look good. Make sure that the point value is coherent and the question type is suited to your quiz mindset. It’s important to collect answers or feedback that your leads or users understand your top priority.

Step 5: Play, and watch your statistics for the educator or compliance officer

Responses are collected into InvestGlass which will record any information from basic lead captures to complex question types. As you collect email addresses, at the end of the question you can also forward feedback to your respondents. Multiple users can be notified when quiz results are generated.

Have you ever wanted to find out more about what your customers or prospects are thinking? If so, then we may have the tool for you. InvestGlass is a quiz-based survey that can be used in many different ways. You might use it as an educational exercise to teach someone something new about themselves and their cognitive biases, such as how they make decisions based on emotion vs logic.

It’s the perfect product to build math quizzes, classroom quizzes, trivia quizzes, compliance classification, lead capture, and customer survey. No programming skills are required.

Or maybe you want to know why people aren’t buying from your site like they did last year (or this morning). In these cases, InvestGlass could help by letting you ask questions that will reveal some of those hidden insights into customer behavior and attitudes towards your product. Contact us today!

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