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How to build a robo advisor from scratch?

Many financial advisors are not able to attract new clients because they don’t have the time or expertise to create a robo advisor.

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InvestGlass is an online platform that lets you build your own robo advisor in minutes. It’s easy, affordable and respects MIFID and FinSA regulations. You can embed it into your client portal or public website. Digital banking is made possible with a Swiss Cloud.

InvestGlass is a cloud-based software solution that lets you easily design and deploy a beautiful robo advisor form for your website without any programming knowledge needed. Our smart algorithms will guide investors through the process of choosing their investment goals, risk tolerance and asset allocation, while automatically calculating their expected return based on real market data from multiple exchanges around the world. The result will be displayed as an attractive pie chart with percentages clearly labeled next to each category of assets (stocks, bonds etc.).

This is the perfect first step to build you own neobank.