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How to Create a Lead Capture form in 8 Minutes Only?

InvestGlass lead capture

Forms are an important part of any website. They are used to get information from visitors, and to create leads. If you want to create a lead capture form, it can be done in just eight minutes. In this blog post, we will show you how to do it. We will also provide a template that you can use. So, let’s get started!

In this video, I go step by step on how to create a lead capture page with InvestGlass using InvestGLass Form & CRM in 8 minutes!

1. Login to InvestGlass

2. Click on My Account Company “Forms” in the top menu bar

3. Click on “+ New Form” in the upper right-hand corner

4. Name your form and select the type of form you would like to create from the drop-down menu

5. Select “DM Forms” as the type of form you would like to create

6. Give your form a name and click on “Create Form”

7. The next screen will ask you to add fields to your form. Start by adding your company’s name into the field labeled “Name.” Then, add an email address field and a phone number field.

8. Scroll down and add…

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