You have been stuck home for several weeks or even few months… sometimes with beautiful kids… The volatility is spreading like a virus and investors are moving to new institutions and virtual practices too. How to get them all? Why not trying InvestGlass CRM tricks?


1. No time to call?

You can easily send personal emails from InvestGlass but make sure you are asking the right question and use a CTA.

In each email, you must use a call to action or CTA to receive a prompt decision in reply. Good CTA will increase your open rate too. Here are three common mistakes:

  1. You don’t have CTA in your email.
  2. You have too many different CTAs
  3. Your CTA is asking too much or it is too fuzzy

Why not a simple – “Does next Wednesday at 10 am or Thursday at 2 pm work for a 15-minute call?” and if you wish to offer more modularity, we suggest you try an amazing app Save 10 minutes each time.

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Calendly is automatically connected to your Gotomeeting and Zoom accounts – which means that conference rooms # are automatically generated and linked to your InvestGlass calendar. Save 3 minutes each time! Once the meeting is finished, send a follow-up email with the attachment (portfolio rebalancing, structured product offer, private equity cashflow projections) – email + a contact report with a tracking number. Save another 2 minutes.

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2. No time to write?

We heartedly suggest you try a fantastic solution widget to automate email sequences as you see below. This trick is perfect to write fast and smart investment rationales and of course individualised for each investor. Save 2 minutes each time.

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3. No time to track?

You know the famous: Do it, delegate it, drop it? Well, let’s DO IT and make this work! You have too many things to do and you don’t remember what are your clients’ priorities? We suggest you use InvestGlass task feature. 🔥 Here you can set a reminder to yourself or your colleagues and track priorities in InvestGlass group calendar.

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To track investment ideas, a fantastic trick is to add a watermark. Simply trigger watermark feature and this will print the pseudo, name or number account on each PDF. Save 3 minutes each time.


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Now you are ready for the re-open.

We demonstrated here how you can save 20 minutes per client and offer a hyper-personalised service.

This is your chance! Go and get them all!

Alexandre @InvestGlass

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