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5 Steps to Successfully Setup your CRM for External Asset Managers

Effective CRM for external asset management is all about making sure that you are maximizing your marketing budget. Your company has a finite amount of money to spend on marketing campaigns, and it’s important to make sure that this money is in the right channels. In order to do so, there are some basic steps we recommend taking:

-Understand where your competitors’ budgets go for advertising

-Find out what type of media works best for your target audience

-Determine how much inventory you have available in each channel

1. What is CRM EAM and why should you care

In customer relationship management (CRM), customer lifecycle describes the progression of steps a customer goes through when considering, purchasing, using and maintaining loyalty to a product or service. The goal is to make sure that the customer has a great experience with your product or service and then show them why they are better off sticking around through marketing push like emailing, but most importantly because it’s your suitability best friend!

Yes a good CRM will help you survive in the FinSA and MIFID hyper-compliance world delivering thanks to artificial intelligence the right information at the right time. CRM is also the right way to collaborate with your customers to update their KYC. KYC or Know Your Customer data collection. Through a Swiss cloud-based platform, InvestGlass delivers all the support and analytics you need to speed up your compliance duties.

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2. How to implement CRM for wealth management

We built a CRM where the setup is considered as a performance. The platform has been developed in Switzerland and is easy to use for your team. Advisers or sales should be part of the campaign to build the first request for proposals. Large wealth managers will eventually recruit consultants to set the minimum compliance level needed. The consultant will look into your existing solutions and help you find the one your firm needs.

3. The benefits of CRM for external asset management

Create brand awareness. The first step to acquiring new customers is to introduce them to your business.

Acquire leads.

Convert leads into customers.

Provide superior customer service.

Drive upsells which means addressing our service to the rest of the family or friends of your customer.

The relationship you have with your clients can also be a game-changer as calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp or the investor platform can shift your business priorities. To perfectly meet the visibility of investors’ assets, you must understand their expectations.

4. Common pitfalls in implementing CRM external asset management

When you install software they are always some pitfalls. Common pitfalls in implementing CRM external asset management are :

– Value proposition: it’s not clear what the customer will get for their investment.

– The company poorly communicates ongoing management costs and fees to customers, who may be surprised by monthly charges after installation.

– CRM external asset management is a complex solution that requires ongoing training of internal staff in order to maximize its benefits

With different supports such as video, website help desk, and pdf documents, you find the perfect walkthrough guiding your sales, advisors, investment and compliance teams. You should automate the boring tasks to accomplish them.

5. Tips for successful implementation of CRM external asset management and managing customer data

We found two types of mindsets the first is to give CRM access to everyone and the other one is to wait before the platform is actually set up before you give access to all your colleagues.

Raising your colleagues’ interest in the tool is definitely one of the most important parts of the implementation success. As soon as possible you have to import your client’s data into the platform.

Instantly your team should find the tools they are used to. Some of them might be using salesforce or Microsoft dynamics in a previous life and now it’s time for a final change.

Managing clients from the platform is key but it’s also important to manage your colleague’s expectations and collaboration inside the tour which can transform their day-to-day habits. Contact report notes and setting the role are basic elements of this habit.

From the market page, your asset managers can visualize assets, and funds, filter with their data then publish a branded PDF. Your firm can produce and share performance sheets in less than 5 minutes. Those little content publishers are creating trust immediately.

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6. What modern EAM need for marketing campaigns and attract dynamic wealth managers

To attract dynamic wealth managers you have to use modern solutions with marketing tools, distribution platforms, and artificial intelligence. You have to use a platform that one day could turn your business into a neobank or robo advisor!

The platform can change formats very easily would you be on the buy side or the sell side? We are seeing more external asset managers becoming full-fledged asset managers. The trend means that they are building their own models and funds. Thanks to the CRM they collect insights and a complete investor view.

From the distribution platforms, your clients will access the branded website. On this website, you will find your own features such as video, your team photos, the head of sales direct calendar, financial research, and your client’s account information. This will improve your customer loyalty and confidence as they can access at any time to the platform information. Third-party cookies can also track your clients’ visits.

Finally, with this platform, your clients will be able to accept or reject investment solicitation with a secure 2 steps signature solution. Digital signature, digital onboarding and digital banking are topics we would be glad to comment on with you!

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With the latest regulations, activities visibilities should be signed by respective owners. Offering the ability for clients and sales to collaborate with a website is now a must-have. The client can search the market page based on their assets preferences. This filtering system is the perfect combination for your EAM to reach long-range relationships.

With InvestGlass CRM single record access you can set up your travel request mode to restrict users’ access to client data when they leave the office for a business trip. They will see only the content-based cross-border criteria. This part of the CRM is made for advanced users but once you master it will turn your business into a modern multi-family office powerhouse.

From Hong Kong to Panama, with a strong positioning in London, Paris, and Switzerland, we are quite sure that you will find with InvestGlass a complete and secure solution to improve your EAM team collaboration and client satisfaction.