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The consultant should be the evangelist for your fintech. They are responsible for educating, understanding and collaborating with you to ensure that the solution is something that matches what you need as a client’s organization or company. Consultants have deep knowledge of technology and markets; they know how to read trends in FinTech landscape. And this reading helps them derive insights about possible solutions and identify opportunities on behalf of clients

Which firms are financial services specialist?

  • Accenture.
  • The Boston Consulting Group.
  • Capgemini.
  • Deloitte.
  • EY.
  • KPMG
  • AlphaFMC.
  • Chappuis Halder.
  • Aliancy.
  • McKinsey.

Which type of financial consultant should you pick?

And you? We would be glad to discuss with you if you are not in this list. We worked already with some of you here and had experience truly different build phase thanks to your intervention as a “intermediary” partner. Investglass aims to connect the best FinT tech companies together we are working hand-in-hand with FinT tech consultants and business strategy specialists. Building a modern bank or wealth management is a true challenge and we believe that only builders should be listened. Fintech consultant collect unique expertise by asking the right question at the right time.

You will find consultant specialists for payments, capital markets, trading, wealth management and each financial consultant come with their innovation guidelines. Following experts should be done carefully as challenges will vary as well as fintechs solutions.

We strongly suggest your company to know before you start with consultants which innovation you wish for your company. Technology jump can offend your staff and you should make sure that investment will worth it! Financial consultants will answer your questions and drive the future of your firm with most innovative fintech.

What skills do you need to become a fintech consultant?

Well, when we see our favourite consultants… 🙂 Daniel, Joe, Paul, Nicolas, Olivier, Benjamin…. well… passion… they breath fintech companies spirit and understand their development standard. They are perfect mediators to create growth and often know when to remove the marketing hype to make sure that your firm will find answers though request for information or request for proposals.

AH! RFI and RFP… a poem. 200-400 questions asked to fintech companies to assess their capabilities to answer your firm requirements.

A good consultant is a hard-working professional, with strong analytical skills and of course a perfect understanding of banking and investment regulations. A great fintech consultant is a team player and knows who to negotiate with clients and fintech company. Their expertise is then needed for the build phase which is the connection between your existing software, habits and the new fintech company solution. Challenges can start again here as fintech need some space into your bank… and yes innovative schemes can provoke client rejection.

Financial consultant be part of the Fintech CRM revolution?

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