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Best Digital Banks in Switzerland

The Best Digital Banks in Switzerland for 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

In the age of digitization, traditional Swiss banks are facing fierce competition from their online counterparts. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best digital banks in Switzerland, comparing their features, fees, and mobile apps to help you make an informed decision.

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Table of Contents

  1. Why Digital Banks?
  2. Top 5 Digital Banks in Switzerland
  3. Comparison of Features
  4. How to Choose
  5. Final Thoughts

Why Digital Banks?

Digital banks, also known as neo banks, offer a sleeker, more convenient banking experience. They offer low fees, online banking, and innovative features like mobile payments. While most Swiss banks have started integrating these features, digital banks often have the upper hand due to their mobile-first approach.

Quick Advantages:

  • Mobile Banking: Access your account 24/7.
  • Low Fees: Minimal costs for money transfers and other services.
  • Innovative Features: Think Google Pay, Apple Pay, and foreign currencies.

Top 5 Digital Banks in Switzerland

1. Neon Bank

Neon takes the cake for its user-friendly interface and free bank account options. With the Neon bank account, you can save money without worrying about a monthly fee.


  • Mobile App: Robust and intuitive.
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay: Supported.
  • Sub Accounts: Create separate accounts for specific needs.

2. Credit Suisse

Though a traditional Swiss bank, Credit Suisse has heavily invested in digital banking. It offers a private account with features like Google Pay and Apple Pay.


  • Mobile Banking Apps: Strong and secure.
  • International Transfers: Easy and fast.
  • Extra Features: Investment options and more.

3. Migros Bank

Migros Bank is a hybrid, blending the best of traditional Swiss banks and neo banks. It offers low fees, particularly for cash withdrawals and bank transfers.


  • Debit Card: Free Visa debit card.
  • Mobile Payment Services: Including Samsung Pay.
  • Bank Cler: A subsidiary with even more innovative features.

4. UBS

Another traditional bank stepping into the future. They offer a UBS account with options for mobile payments and online banks services.


  • Mobile Only Banks: UBS’s mobile-only options.
  • Transfer Funds: Smooth and quick.
  • Banking Activities: Comprehensive services.

5. Local Bank XYZ

Though not as popular as the big names, some local banks in Switzerland are scaling up their digital operations. They offer a current account with reasonable fees.


  • Physical Presence: Branch offices for when you need them.
  • Online Purchases: Secure and easy.
  • Mobile Phone: SMS notifications and mobile app access.

Comparison of Features

FeaturesNeon BankCredit SuisseMigros BankUBSLocal Bank XYZ
Mobile App
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Free Bank Account
International Transfers
Low Fees

Expanding the Horizon: NEO and ALPIAN

While the spotlight often falls on more established names, up-and-coming banks like NEO and ALPIAN are worth your attention. These Swiss neobanks bring fresh approaches to the banking scene, challenging even the best Swiss banks.


NEO is a mobile bank that prioritizes user experience. It’s designed for those who want their bank to be as mobile as they are.


  • Mobile Payments: NEO makes it easy to send money and manage mobile payments.
  • Low Fees: Minimal costs for cash withdrawals and money transfers.
  • Innovative Features: NEO takes digital banking up a notch with unique offerings.


ALPIAN aims to merge the world of private banking with digital convenience, serving the “mass affluent” population.


  • Private Account: Offers a private account with investment options.
  • Visa Debit: Comes with a Visa debit card for easier transactions.
  • Physical Presence: Unlike many digital banks, ALPIAN maintains branch offices.

Quick Comparison

Mobile Payment
Low Fees
Private Account
Visa Debit
Physical Presence

How to Choose

When choosing the best Swiss bank for your needs, consider the following:

  1. Mobile Banking: Is the app user-friendly?
  2. Fees: Are there low fees for transferring money and withdrawing cash?
  3. Features: Does it support Google Pay, Apple Pay, or foreign currencies?

Based on these criteria, Neon Bank seems to be a popular choice for those looking for a modern, fee-free experience. However, if you’re interested in a more comprehensive set of banking services, Credit Suisse or Migros Bank might be better options.

Final Thoughts

The banking landscape in Switzerland is evolving, with traditional banks and online banks vying for the top spot. Your choice should depend on your specific needs—whether it’s mobile banking, low fees, or a range of services.

Before making your decision, it’s always good to:

  • Test Out Mobile Apps: Check user reviews and maybe do a trial run.
  • Read the Fine Print: Look for hidden fees, especially for international transfers and cash withdrawals.
  • Consult Customer Service: A bank’s customer service quality can be a deal-breaker.

In 2023, the best digital banks in Switzerland offer more than just online banking—they offer convenience, innovation, and financial freedom. Choose wisely!

InvestGlass: The Only All-in-One Swiss Banking Solution

In the land of Swiss banks, known for their reliability and traditional values, InvestGlass emerges as a modern game-changer. We’re the only Swiss all-in-one banking solution that can build digital banks swiftly and efficiently.

Let’s look at what makes us stand out:

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  • Low Fees: Unlike many cloud solutions, we focus on keeping monthly subscription low. We invite our clients to participate to the build of new features.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Need to transfer money or withdraw cash? Our mobile banking apps make these operations seamless.
  • Designed in Switzerland: Being a Swiss IT solution, we offer the quality, security, and privacy that Swiss bank accounts are famous for.

By choosing InvestGlass, you’re opting for a robust, low-fee banking solution that aligns with the best practices of both neo banks and traditional banks. Experience the future of banking today!