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Embed a Form on WordPress in 5 Minutes Only

Good morning and welcome on invest last Monday, power boost.

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Now, today, we’re going to show you how to create a lead capture form and how to add this lead capture form on your websites.

For this. You need a WordPress website and an InvestGlass account. I’m using a press as well as Yootheme, which is a template editor, and you need an inverse last account. If you don’t have an
InvestGlass account, go to, go to try it free, and year signup.

So this is what we’re going to add today on this website for that go to my accounts company.

So my account company, and then here, I already created a forum, which is a new onboarding form, click on the three dots here, public share, and you’ll have a generic that will appear like this click share. All right. And then simply click on I-frame and then go to your website here. You see WordPress websites. Now I’m going to look into this page, click edit page Youtheme builder.

Here, and I can simply paste the code as you find it here. All right. When you do so, um, you have to make sure also something very important, make sure that you activated the security “Where can I upload this form” otherwise it will not be possible to add this digital form on your WordPress website.

Make sure also it’s an HTTPS. S means secure. It means also that your form will be harder to be copied or used for fishing.

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