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How to integrate Aircall with InvestGlass?

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Aircall Integration Overview

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system for businesses, and you can connect it with InvestGlass, the Swiss CRM for financial professionals. This integration will allow Aircall users to manage their calls and contacts within InvestGlass, as well as access key customer data from within the Aircall interface.

This is how it works :

1. Focus on Interacting with your Customers and Prospects > Eliminate all manual data entry by automatically logging all inbound and outbound calls, as well as missed calls and voicemails, into InvestGlass

2. Keep track of previous interactions > Automatically log all call notes, tags, and recordings to Contacts, Deals, and Companies. Leverage this information for internal training, prospect resolutions, etc.

3. Save valuable time during your call blocks > Increase the number of calls made in a given time period by uploading a list of phone numbers to Aircall’s Power Dialer and automatically call through them

4. Work exclusively out of InvestGlass when calling your contacts > Manage contacts and populate phone numbers to the phone app with 1 click by leveraging Aircall’s click-to-dial functionality. No more need to switch pages.

5. Keep track of all call activity inside of InvestGlass > Make data-driven decisions by accessing your call metrics through the native reports created automatically when the InvestGlass integration is set up

6. Get set up in seconds > Set up the integration in 4-clicks and leverage the contact sync from InvestGlass to Aircall

7. Save valuable time by automating the post-call process > Leverage Aircall’s tags to automatically trigger Workflows in InvestGlass

8. Tie all teams together with native integration to Service > Automatically create tickets and log all call activity on tickets

Integration ideas

Your cloud-based phone system within InvestGlass

Phone calls are still the best way to interact with your customers and prospects. Aircall is changing the game with our next-gen phone solution. By bringing together Aircall and InvestGlass, we are making it easier for support and sales teams to manage their call flows.

Aircall for better Sales

Automatically log all calls in Contacts, Deals, and Companies. Keep track of call recordings, notes, tags, and leverage Aircall’s click-to-dial and Power Dialer to maximize efficiency. Identify all inbound leads using Aircall’s insight card, and pull up their contact page with 1 click.

Aircall for better service

Automatically create tickets and log all calls, keeping track of call outcomes, notes, tags, and recordings. Identify callers using Aircall’s insight card and see previous interactions before answering the call. Also trigger Workflows to automate the post-call process.

Aircall for better Marketing

Increase your Marketing ROI on phone campaigns with Aircall for InvestGlass.

Aircall’s new integration with InvestGlass, the Swiss CRM for financial professionals, will make it easier for financial professionals to manage their interactions with clients and prospects. The integration will allow Aircall users to access key customer data from within the Aircall interface, as well as automatically log all calls and contacts into InvestGlass. This integration is designed to make it easier for financial professionals to keep track of all customer data in one place and increase the number of calls made in a given time period.

Aircall Integration