InvestGlass Vision and Purpose

Alexandre Gaillard CEO InvestGlass Presenting InvestGlass Vision and Purpose

The purpose of InvestGlass is to automate sales and compliance.

InvestGlass is #1 Swiss CRM software built for banks and marketing automation

InvestGlass is the only sales automation tool built in Switzerland and hosted on a Swiss cloud the company is owned by a Swiss private family. This makes this CRM software the most unique solution for banks cautious about data privacy. Yes, you can perhaps encrypt your data with US-based CRM but your data remains in their hands, on their US-controlled servers!

InvestGlass is built with five :

  • Digital onboarding
  • A fully flexible customer relationship management software or a CRM
  • A sophisticated portfolio management tool
  • A powerful marketing productivity tool,
  • An engagement portal to help you build and design the digital experiences you need to come here 2022.
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Vision and Purpose

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