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Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Podcast in 2021

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What is podcasting? Podcasts are audio or video files that you can download to your computer or mobile device. These files then get streamed over the internet, so you can listen to them on demand. As a result, podcasts have become one of the most popular ways for people to consume media content these days!

Podcasts are organized around different topics and generally consist of interviews with experts in those fields. They also include discussions about recent developments in those fields and tips for how listeners might apply what they learn from the show.

What frequency should I Podcast episode?

You should podacst at a frequency of one episode every week.

What are the basics of podcasting? This is a question that we get quite often, which means it’s worth reiterating!

First, you need to create an account with Podcast hosting services like Libsyn or Soundcloud. Then you have to buy a good microphone because the quality is crucial to your show’s success. It’s not a money issue and you will find the benefits of a good micro quickly! The audio file might be large but with our modern computer storing those files is not anymore a technology issue.

Entry Level
Entry: Samson Q2U
Entry: Rode Smartlav+

High Quality
High: Rode Podcaster
High: Blue Yeti
High: MXL990
High: AKG Lyra

PRO: Heil PR40
PRO: Rode NT1-A
PRO: Electro-Voice R20

Next, you have to decide on a name for the podcast and select an RSS feed url that will serve as the permalink address. You can also choose a logo that communicates what you want people to know about your podcast without having them listen in. Then when it’s time to publish each episode, just upload or record new episodes of audio files via FTP transfer from one computer over to another where they will then be converted into mp three formats!

Audacity is a free and open-source audio editor. Open source editors allow users to make changes to the original code easily. You can customize your user experience and make improvements where you deem necessary.

GarageBand comes pre-installed on most Apple computers.

Then how do I manage podcast on a long distance?

SquadCast makes it easy for you to set up a remote podcast interview and gets the most high-quality audio possible. You can also try Zoom and Skype

Should my podcast have some advertising partners?

Putting an add before each episode is a key part of podcasting. You will need to find a good company that can supply you with the advertising spots and makes it easy for your listeners to just click on them while they are listening!

Create your website to present your audio content

It’s not mandatory but creating a blog website could also be a nice way for your followers to leave some message, the same way you would have a Twitter account or Facebook account… You can also push it to Google. If you have time, and means, you can also add video recordings. The technology is a bit more expensive and needs more time to set up. We have see numerous talk radio, radio show leveraging both sound and video to increase their audience.

A good podcast with good speakers

It is crucial that you invite speakers with smart ideas. It’s not only about the audio quality, but more about having a topic that people will want to listen to. You can look for talented CEO around the world and forecast your episodes with founders and co founder insights.

When you record make sure your hosts have good micro and they know the podcast “menu”. They should feel comfortable during the podcast to tell a natural story with intimate details. The traffic will grow if your podcast includes true advice and rich topics.

Each podcast episode should have a “cookie” some kind of special dedicate for fans listening to your podcast. Then check the length of your podcast – could you pull off a 45-minute to 60-minute conversation without a safety net?

Track your downloads and generate revenues

You have to check which podcast episode worked well with your fans and also which one attracted new listners. You can also generate additional revenues from your podcast. One way is to promote your own book, workshop, or online course, creating thought leadership at the same time. You can multiply marketing channels in order to increase your visibility and potentially attract new customers too.

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