Ways to Rebuild Trust in Your Business

Ways to Rebuild Trust in Your Business

How to rebuild trust?

When you lose someone’s trust, it is extremely difficult to gain his trust back. You might find yourself constantly challenged between regrets and overconfidence.

Obviously, repair trust depends on why and how this trust has been damaged. It is obviously courageous to take the first step and call again your prospects, clients, your relationship to find a win-win solution.

To repair interests is like a reset. To repair interests is not a written path and will not bring back the way things were.

To repair this trust it is important to disconnect the problems and you must find the underlying cause of this rupture. Once you successfully found the reason for the lack of recognition and respect, then ask questions :

Do you value my contributions?

Obviously, the way you present your products the way you present your financial solution might not be perceived by your prospect or climb the same way.

Do you need my team services?

People might be afraid of the costs of asking you how much. People might be afraid of the costs of asking how you produced this investment decision.

Do you even care of my contributions? 

Perhaps you successfully delivered your service, but your client doesn’t understand what the actual effort is to produce this service. Connecting with a client means changing the story and creating a new narrative, creating a new relationship. With this social distancing…. with these complexities of contacting and people working from home, your clients will care about your phone calls.

Call more, ask more questions, listen to his empathy and reconnect. InvestGlass is a CRM tool that will help your business rebuild trust. It does so by providing you with the information and resources required for building a successful relationship with your clientele. The platform provides real time data, trends, and predictions that enable you to analyze customer behavior and predict future patterns