Top 5 Podcast – Move Your Feet – D-D-Don’t Stop the Sales Beat!

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What a weekend… taking care of the family… listening to podcast while baking and running. Stay healthy that’s so important during these difficult times. Another challenge is keeping sales’ stamina and pipeline. Here 5 cool podcast I strongly recommend.

1.    3 Cold Calling Tips Sales Leaders Must Teach their Sellers to Achieve Quota with David Walter

2.    A New Way to Approach Sales Demos, with Zvi Guterman

3.    Setting up a Pipeline to Leverage All Channels – Jonathan Soares 

4.    Build Your Team’s Culture to Weather Any Storm w/ Ernest Owusu

5.    How to Train Sales Reps Remotely w/ Chad Sanderson

And always… for fintech… from 👍👍👍👍👍

What are you favourite business podcast?

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