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The period of uncertainty created by the pandemic has affected all spheres of the financial service industry. In the real estate market, the prominent concerns focus on the digital transformation accelerating trend and on flexibility in the workspace. These trends coupled with the financial impact of the Covid-19 has increased the pressure on the organization, strategy, and management.

Additionally, real estate agents using spreadsheets to pursue deals are logically and irremediably falling behind CRM users. In terms of pipeline management and client relations, CRMs provide a 25% increase in sales on average compared to spreadsheets and other systems. Yet, most systems are either too expensive or subject to the Cloud Act.


InvestGlass offers an all-in-one swiss CRM. Our real estate clients are astonished by the quality of our solution as we provide, not only a CRM platform and onboarding processes, but also a high-quality PMS and OMS. Our advantage arises when combining these functions with our invoice system and automation capabilities.

InvestGlass delivers a real estate template which tailors the CRM to your needs. Our features embody the means to overcome the challenge the pandemic and digitalization shadowed on the real estate sector by enabling greater trust from and communication with your clients. We offer an artificial intelligence advisor which bases its recommendations on your long-term strategy. Offer investment opportunities directly via the client portal, send bulk marketing emails, and manage your team efficiently with our task and tagging systems.

InvestGlass “build” mindset

  • Minimum to 0 Request for Proposal
  • No-code CRM
  • Reuse 20 templates then adapt them to your business specificities
  • Ease of implementation with our success coach
  • Time to market and build payment with phases
  • Cut cost by deploying and testing with minimum staff engaged
  • Quarterly penetration tests

The platform simplifies and automates your processes in order to ease your digital transformation.


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