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How financial advisors share emotional storytelling?

During this webinar we will explain everything that it takes to succeed in an established and growing independent advisory firm, automate discretionary portfolio management, transmit orders and monitor fees and asset under management progress.


Are you ready for MIFID2? - Think before your Jump!

The PSD2 and the MiFID2 (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) are two new European directives that will come into force in 2018. Banks, brokers, independent financial advisors that would think that it is enough to satisfy the new requirements are wrong.


How to “gamify” your on-boarding questions?

As a professional investor - embarking a client with a boring on-boarding is absolutely dreadful. With MIFID2, LSFIN and other "know you customer" - better than they know themselves, bankers and IFA need a good way to “gamify” their first kiss.


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