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List of Neobanks

A neobank, also known as an online bank, internet-only bank, virtual bank, or digital bank is a type of direct bank that operates exclusively online without traditional physical branch networks. You will find a neobank worldwide list below

Neobank Regions / Countries
Judo Bank Australia
Tyro Payments Australia
Volt Bank Australia
Avenue (SME Neobank) Australia
Xinja Australia
UP Australia
86400 Australia
NuBank Brazil
Banco Original Brazil
BancoInter Brazil
Koho Canada
NorthOne (SME Neobank) Canada
MYBank China
Webank China
Mybank China
Antfinancial China
Lunar Denmark
Dofinance E.U
n26 E.U, United States
Dopay Egypt
Holvi (SME Neobank) Finland
Monestro Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia
Hello bank! France
Shine France
Anytime France
DynaPay (Business Neobank) France, Spain, Germany, EU
Brighwell Gibraltar
Xpence Gulf (U.A.E)
Neat (SME Neobank) Hong Kong
Statrys Hong Kong
NiYO India
Open (Business Neobank) India
InstantPay India
Soldo Italy
Tinaba Italy
JibuanBank Japan
Sumishin Net Bank Japan
Jal Neobank Japan
KopoKopo Kenya
KakaoBank Korea
NeoFinance Lithuania
Paypal Luxembourg
Albo Mexico
Robocred Mexico
Bunq Netherlands
Lidya Nigeria
PiggyVest Nigeria
TonikBank Philippines
mBank Poland
TinkoffBank Russian Federation
Sovcom Bank Russian Federation
RocketBank Russian Federation
Aspire (SME Neobank) Singapore
Lotus Sirilanka
Bank Zero South Africa
Bnext Spain, Europe
P.F.C. Sweden
Gimi Sweden
Neon Switzerland
Gofundme Switzerland
Yuh Bank Switzerland
Yapeal Switzerland
Zak Switzerland
FlowBank Switzerland
220Bank United Kingdom
Atom Bank United Kingdom
Monzo United Kingdom
StarlingBank United Kingdom
Curve United Kingdom
Tandem United Kingdom
Tide bank United Kingdom
To the Moon United Kingdom
Revolut (Business Neobank) United Kingdom, Australia, USA
3s Money United Kingdom, Netherland, Luxembourg, Denmark and Germany
Aspiration United States
JUNO United States
AXOS United States
Chime United States
NOVO United States
VARO (Business Neobank) United States
STASH United States
GOBank United States
Jeff App Vietnam

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