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The crypto market is a constantly evolving, volatile space where traders and investors need to be able to react quickly. InvestGlass is the only Swiss CRM built for crypto brokers that provide the tools that are necessary for identifying trends and reacting accordingly.

Pre-built digital onboarding forms ready for brokerage business

Digital onboarding helps you to collect information from your new prospects and existing clients. The digital forms are connected to your AML KYC fintech partners to automatically legal information. The forms are easy to build and you will easily ask tailored questions, and use conditional logic to mimic any legal logic. You can also ask prospects to upload documents such as IDs, driving licenses, proof of residence, and corporation documents. Forms offer a “full customization” and rest API connection to be cost-effective for any business size. Uploaded documents are sent to Sum-Sub and ONFIDO for further analysis and then the signal is sent back to InvestGlass CRM. KYC verification is fully automated.

Pipelines built for the trading platforms and crypto brokers, forex brokers and liquidity providers

InvestGlass pipelines are built for different types of trading platforms. The platform is inspired by the InvestGlass team’s knowledge of the FOREX industry. This is a crucial element for any broker that wants to move their business online because it allows you to manage your client’s accounts from one place. It will help you track trading accounts life cycle. Any retail brokerage firm will appreciate the power of the pipeline tool. The pipelines give you an overview of your client’s portfolios, and let you know what trades they are placing. The pipeline tool is commonly used by introducing brokers as it’s a user-friendly interface. The pipeline in the trader’s room will also help the compliance team and support team. The campaign and pipeline tools are suited for any forex brokers’ marketing services.

Connect to the latest cryptocurrency fintech applications to your CRM system

To manage the clients, InvestGlass CRM has evolved with a direct connection to ScoreChain, the crypto wallets inspector, for portfolio due diligence. KYC due diligence means that all of the customers are well-known, and it is not possible to have a single person with multiple identities. We connect the CRM software to Cryptocompare to record the price during the exchange between the customer and the broker. This is very helpful when you are dealing with voice trade or OTC – over-the-counter trade. If your digital asset does not exist yet you can connect InvestGlass to third-party trading platform. The CRM will help you find the next lead to call and the voice calls from your Genesys or Airall will be directly logged in to prevent customer data dual entry. Recording the calls will help you track trading activity for voice orders. Would you be in retail brokerage or offering a professional trading account, the connection between the voice recording and the CRM is a must. InvestGlass CRM is the right CRM for growing crypto brokers and traders looking to capture real-time data and make sure that their organizations are compliant.

Connect the CRM system to suitability for MIFID and LSFIN FIDLEG reporting

Easy implementation of MIFID and LSFIN FIDLEG for trading platforms InvestGlass is the leading portfolio management solution for cryptocurrency brokers. It offers a complete set of tools to manage your portfolios, including real-time quotes, price charting, order entry, and more. InvestGlass is the only portfolio management solution that offers a complete suite of MIFID / LSFIN tools for managing your portfolios in one place. InvestGlass is the perfect choice for cryptocurrency brokers who want to take their business to the next level. InvestGlass offers sales team reporting Contact reports and Campaigns. These new features offer brokerage companies a simple yet compliant friendly tool to capture interactions with more clients. All the processes are recorded both fiat and crypto so you can provide reporting to any European countries’ regulator including Switzerland.

Build your own platform for trading accounts

The new generation of customers can also leverage the InvestGlass client portal. The client portal is fully customizable to your own organization’s branding. New customers can open accounts via our digital forms builder and you can fast forward the process of account opening for your potential customers in a few clicks. Access rights can be limited to one beneficial owner or to multiple BO. All the components in the client’s portal can be customized. The web terminal will help you attract traders, beginning investors and institutional investors. The portal is a web interface that will provide you with a competitive advantage. For example, if you wish to present a market depth widget (via your own liquidity provider) or a ledger with cryptocurrency payments. After using InvestGlass for a few months, the solution impresses you with its reporting and forecasting capabilities. The machine will find you which client to call next thanks to a power call system – shortlisting low-hanging fruits.
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The portfolio management tool for crypto brokers

InvestGlass offers a crypto-friendly portfolio management system. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface was designed to simplify making payments or request withdrawals. You can connect the PMS with major trading platforms and popular trading platforms. The sales team will easily track with campaign marketing tools new product pushes. The portfolio management generates report of withdraw funds from MT4 MT5 and more. You can create an unlimited number of digital currencies. InvestGlass CRM + PMS is an impressive all-in-one solution in so many ways thanks to its huge range of customizable features and the opportunity for users to choose exactly what suits your clients.

Integrate it with your other business apps

API are the protocols that allow different software to talk with each other. We use the open REST API. You don’t need special coding skills, just use your browser to send and receive data.
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