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Switching from Salesforce to InvestGlass

Thinking about making the switch to InvestGlass – The Swiss CRM? Want to get more out of your CRM and sales software? Here are the resources to help with your consideration.

Your success is our success

Switch to InvestGlass knowing that the software will scale as your business grows.

We’ve seen many scaling companies switch from Salesforce to InvestGlass because they wanted to:

  • Operate in “minutes and hours” instead of “weeks and months”
  • Align sales, compliance, marketing, and operation teams with access to data from one system
  • Boost adoption and usage across their teams for reliable data output
  • Connect the CRM to a bank-grade portfolio management tool
  • Move from a US-based CRM to a European – SWISS-hosted solution – Geneva and Vaud Canton.
  • Connect their business-critical tools through InvestGlass’ integrations and flexible API For more details

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

100 employees? 1’000 employees? 10’000 employees?

Enterprise-grade CRM Platform built for scaling companies

Salesforce is a great CRM, but it may not flex to the way your business runs. InvestGlass CRM Platform is built to flex to the way your business runs. With customizable dashboards, drag and drop features, and more, InvestGlass can be tailored to your specific needs.

Extensive integration ecosystem and a flexible API

With over 500 integrations, you can connect your favorite tools to InvestGlass This makes it easy to keep track of your investments and find new opportunities. One of the advantages of InvestGlass is that it integrates with many different FINTECHs. This makes it easy to keep track of your investments and find new opportunities. Some of our integrations include:

Resources and training for new employees

InvestGlass includes 24/7 support for every user, free software certifications and courses, and Genius Bars, and a knowledge base that can get your team up to speed promptly. These features would be extremely beneficial for my team and would help us to be more productive.

The five phases of switching

Each phase of your journey comes with an associated plan and timeline, during which we work with your team or partners every step of the way.

The process to migrate your data


1) Define which data (relations, portfolio, transactions, accounts, contacts, opportunities, etc.) should be moved into InvestGlass.

2) Build new custom fields in InvestGlass.

3) Export data from the current platform into .csv and clean. If your data is too complex or custom, our APIs or 3rd party integrators can help.


1) Re-build your technical architecture, eliminating and consolidating where possible.

2) Connect your critical business applications using one pre-built connector from our partner APIs.

3) If we don’t have the pre-built integration you need, use our API library to build your own.


1) Document automation and workflows like your deal automation, nurture follow-up, and fulfillment.

2) Re-think, simplify and optimize the design of how these should be set up in InvesGlass.

3) Re-build automation in InvestGlass’ Automation / Approval process tools.

Portfolio management

1) Connect your data source

2) Re-build, suitability, universe list, appropriateness, risk metrics and strategies

3) Setup your PMS visual components

Monitor & Reports

1) Inventory all active reports PDF and CSV in the current tool.

2) Define future state reporting needs, consolidating where possible.

3) Select out-of-the-box reports that meet your needs, modify if necessary. InvestGlass team can also build custom reportings.


1) Setup the Who Sees What 

2) Setup Access with 2FA

3) Lean about Audit Trail tools

How we’ll get there

There’s a few options available to ensure you have a successful migration with InvestGlass

InvestGlass Led

We can also migrate any needed assets over to your new InvestGlass account, while you perform set up, configuration, and integration activities.

Partner Led

Check our partner recommendations. They know well how to use InvestGlass and latest tools.


InvestGlass provides best practices and recommends an overall solution design. We can work hand-in-hand with your consulting partner and our team to build the best growth plan.

Your pre-purchase checklist

We recommend considering the following items to prepare for your InvestGlass implementation.

Our InvestGlass team can walk you through the best process.

  1. Review & document your existing sales processes
  2. Record your existing CRM, PMS system: records, portfolio, API integrations, workflows and automation, lead assignment rules, views, dashboards, and reports
  3. Prepare your data by merging and eliminating depreciated or out-of-date records
  4. Upskill your team on InvestGlass products knowledge by completing the free InvestGlass Sales and Compliance Software Certification
  5. Start developing digital transformation, business change and how to communicate to your teams