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Boost your response rates with beautiful free surveys and questionnaires.

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Finally, you also need to analyze this data so it’s meaningful – and that’s not always straightforward either!

Online surveys your prospect will finish

But collecting online survey responses isn’t always easy. You have to create a survey that people will actually fill in and answer honestly. Then you need to collect all these responses, which takes time and effort. Finally, you also need to analyze this data so it’s meaningful – and that’s not always straightforward either!

Create surveys with the only CRM + Survey hosted in Switzerland

With InvestGlass Survey Maker we’ve made creating online surveys easier than ever before by giving our users access to powerful tools they can use from their own web browser. So now there’s no excuse for not doing regular customer research with InvestGlass Survey Maker! Surveys are used for employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, marketing target audience, net promoter score, honest feedback, survey questions. Simply use your own questions to collect information and feedback. Market research is seamless and you will note your customers like never before.

Shorter and smarter online surveys

InestGlass survey logic to make your InvestGlass survey more interactive by allowing it to respond based on how people answer. You can also use question branching, multiple-choice and conditional logic to make sure the audience sees only the most relevant questions. Multiple choice questions will save precious time for your response.

An online survey should take a maximum of 5-10 minutes to complete. A progress bar helps respondents understand where they are and how much is left. Then respondents can decide to finish later.

Create your online survey that is user friendly and with no code

The online survey maker will perfectly fit your organizational culture. From lead capture to a more complex questionnaire, the survey maker will be the perfect questionnaire for your landing pages. It’s an easy online survey maker with multiple-choice surveys, score surveys, online exams survey templates, interact surveys, or fun surveys. Online surveys can include advanced features such as image questions, branching logic, or custom CSS. You can host the online survey on any landing page with an SSL certificate. The survey is visible on any screen size from a telephone to a computer.

For healthcare and finance, you can use an online survey maker for personality surveys and then share personality tests to better segment your offering. Online survey results are collected into the Swiss bass CRM. Answer choices, correct answers, are collected into a reporting tool that produces excel or CSV file. Scored survey data is stored on a Swiss server InvestGlass. This is an additional data encryption guarantee for you.

The online survey builder is connected to InvestGlass marketing automation system. When a lead form is submitted, the CRM can send to new leads direct message, email, contract to be signed. Automation is the ultimate online assessment revolution.

Track survey takers performance with Google Analytics

For all business purposes, you may want to track behavior, user submits and demographics to see how well your survey is performing with different data range versus groups. Paste your Google Analytics web tracking code into the InvestGlass survey builder.

Send online survey maker captured leads to Mailchimp

When you are using a survey to collect leads, then our Mailchimp integration is perfect to connect form builder and emails. Use our survey maker to create an interactive, professional survey, capture leads, make sure to ask for name and email, and it zaps the contact info to Mailchimp. You can also send scored survey feeds directly to google sheets.

When the online survey is completed send certificates or vouchers via your email

Once your survey taker has completed the survey, you want to automatically send them a voucher, contract or certificate of completion. InvestGlass can craft a nice contract and send it using your email credentials. Creating surveys has never been easier and your sales team will enjoy generating leads with InvestGlass survey maker. Responses will be directly recorded inside the contract and the contract will match your brand guidelines.

Integrate it with your other business apps

API are the protocols that allow different software to talk with each other. We use the open REST API. You don’t need special coding skills, just use your browser to send and receive data.
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