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Welcome to InvestGlass Developer Portal, where you’ll find everything you need to interact with our Swiss platform. Get started

Create API

Create, retrieve, update, and delete your InvestGlass, themes, and images

Responses API

Retrieve your InvestGlass submissions-on demand and programmatically.

Webhooks API

Send every submission for your InvestGlass directly to any URL or compatible web application, as soon as it’s submitted.

Embed SDK

Integrate your InvestGlass into your website or web app—it will look like a part of your site, and people won’t have to leave your site to respond.

You’re looking for a way to grow your business and you’ve come across the InvestGlass API.

We provide an easy-to-use, scalable CRM solution that allows you to manage all of your customer’s data in one place. InvestGlass servers are hosted in Switzerland. With our API, it is simple to integrate with any other system or software platform. Our team will work closely with yours so we can create a customized CRM strategy that meets your needs and helps you reach your goals.

Implementing your fintech with InvestGlass Swiss CRM

Implementing a CRM is part of developing a customer-led growth strategy, which involves building and strengthening customer relationships. As with any strategy, you’ll want to set measurable goals to be sure the CRM is doing what you expected it to do. My guess? It will—and it might just be the difference between removing yourself from your business or being trapped in it.

You dev it’s free

It’s time for us talk about how InvestGlass can help make this happen for you! Call us today at  +41 22 518 25 94 and we’ll get started on creating an account for free!