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InvestGlass is the CRM built for banks that provide the tools to create a scaling experience for private banks. With InvestGlass, banks can retain clients through a white-labeled investor portal and reduce risk by controlling investor experiences with respect to LSFIN and MIFID.

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InvestGlass banking CRM software is built for modern banks. The Swiss CRM covers the full life cycle management, from onboarding to portfolio management, and assess performance metrics according to their goals.

Build your own onboarding for lead capture to sophisticated data collection

InvestGlass’s digital onboarding feature helps you collect information from your new prospects and existing clients quickly and easily. It’s the perfect tool to collect customer information and we built it for the mortgage industry with a risk metric feature, schedule appointments, and set financial goals. All answers are collected into the bank CRM. InvestGlass allows you to create digital forms that can be completed by your new customers and clients online. InvestGlass also includes a digital signature feature, so you can collect signatures electronically.

For existing customers, InvestGlass digital onboarding + CRM will automate processes KYC remediation. The internal data cohesion will improve customer satisfaction while collecting missing data.

InvestGlass team will guide you to build the best onboarding to simplify customer interactions during this first step. When you additional band products, InvestGlass forms offer a package tool that collects multiple forms into one appealing screen for private banking customers. The digital form is compatible with mobile devices.

CRM for private banking – the Swiss knife for wealth managers

When focusing on CRMs for private banking, the customization and digitalization need to become clear. The pipeline uses the concept of “stage” to display the customer journey and the different interests or information needs, and manage leads, such as the product providers, the place, the status, the access, and so forth. Before any client interaction, wealth advisors check on their customized InvestGlass platform for recommendations.

The pipelines are flexible to reflect any sales process: support tickets, onboarding client journey, wealth management, targeted marketing campaigns, personalized services, customer retention, customer service tickets, bank statements, and automated workflows. InvestGlass delivers a template for the banking industry which you can tailor to your needs. The sales pipeline and campaign tools are the best friend of lead management specialists and key to keeping pressure on potential customers.

InvestGlass customer relationship management (CRM) offers an artificial intelligence advisor which bases its recommendations for sales and listings on your long-term strategy. The pipeline and campaign are used also to drive growth for banks and create brand loyalty with targeted newsletters, and invitations to public events – customers love.

Marketing automation tools are connected to your banking CRM software

Private banks’ success is based on lead conversion and commissions. Within the industry, the key characteristics of CRMs to succeed are the ease of use, the visibility into bankers’ activity, customer retentions, customer engagement, targeting of multiple customer profiles, the quality of automation and follow-ups, collect customer experience feedback, and the ability to monitor performance. A wealth of features are available to manage outbound marketing campaigns across multiple channels like direct mail and seminars. You can manage orders, referrals and territories efficiently.

The email marketing tool will help you send personalized emails with various tools provided by InvestGlass and its partners. The marketing tool creates reports for your marketing and sales team to measure the return on investment ROI. The workflow automation can help standardize business processes. Create reports that analyze customers’ behavior, marketing campaign performance, and more. CRM automation enables banks to deliver superior private banking customers’ experiences.

InvestGlass solution provides marketing campaigns, such as drip campaigns, which can be dispatched via email marketing notifications or text messages by the sales team. Contact management and document management remain at the center of an agent’s day-to-day work. InvestGlass is the best CRM with an integrated sourcing offer and of course, it’s a Swiss cloud-based solution. The solution is built first for the financial services industry.

Link the customer relationship management data to the portfolio management tool

InvestGlass offers a portfolio management system (PMS) built for private banks and neobanks. InvestGlass PMS is a cloud-based solution that enables financial institutions to manage customer portfolios, track investments, analyze data, and provide advice in real-time. The tool is suited for discretionary portfolio management and advisory. InvestGlass PMS is available in over 5 languages and supports multiple currencies including cryptos and collectible assets. The CRM and PMS are working together to provide informed decisions to bankers and their customers. The CRM information is helping to generate suitable and appropriate recommendations. Your bankers will offer their banking customers a faster service as the artificial intelligence of the tool offers a personalized customer experience in seconds.

The Swiss Portfolio Management system

InvestGlass provides a portfolio management dashboard that is natively connected with the CRM. In real-time, portfolio managers and financial advisors can monitor the impact of suitability and appropriateness scenarios, orders, the latest market data on positions, risk, and analytics either in absolute terms or relative to benchmarks. The platform supports a wide range of benchmarks, including asset allocation, index, risk indicators, strategies, as well as model portfolios. InvestGlass is compatible with sophisticated investors’ asset classes: capital markets, venture capital, crypto investments.

The solution offers a powerful AI which automates actionable insights based on customer needs and local compliance rules. The business rules are customisable to let sales teams make the difference between satisfied customers and a high attrition rate. Sales force automation increases sales reps capabilities like never before. The next customer communication is automatically suggested to relationship managers with a portfolio solicitation, switch ideas and more.

Unlimited CRM capabilities with third-party apps and InvestGlass API gateway

InvestGlass can be hosted on a Swiss cloud or on a private cloud. API are the protocols that allow different CRM systems to talk with each other. We use the open REST API. You don’t need special coding skills, just use your browser to send and receive data into InvestGlass CRM solution.
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