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InvestGlass provides the tools to create a scaling experience for fundraising. Organize your donor retention automation with the first Swiss innovative CRM solution.

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The first Swiss CRM to manage fundraising tools, event management, direct email, online donations, matching gifts, and donation history from start to finish.

Struggling to keep track of all your donors and donations?

We have the perfect solution for you- InvestGlass CRM software for fundraising! It’s easy to use and will make managing your donors a breeze. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with popular donation platforms like PayPal and Stripe (add flexible payment options) so you can start tracking donations as soon as they come in. Stop wasting time on administrative tasks and start focusing on what you do best- raising money for your cause! With our CRM software, you’ll be able to easily manage your donor data, track donations, and more. InvestGlas offers donation forms, volunteer forms, and event sign-ups to capture any data into the CRM platfrom. The forms are fully flexible and with seamless integration, all data will be recorded into InvestGlass CRM. The forms help for online fundraising and you can embed this digital form in your existing fundraising pages.

What should a good nonprofit CRM software for fundraising include?

InvestGlass provides the means and ends to overcome the challenge of digitalization within the fundraising industry with fundraising CRM software. We offer an all-in-one CRM solution ranging from marketing automation to automated decisions built for fundraising strategy. Send a personalized email to your donors to differentiate yourself from your charity competitors. InvestGlass includes a powerful email marketing campaigns tool. Build trust by instantly communicating news and eligible charities with your clients and managing their ever-changing requirements via forms and reports. InvestGlass is a cloud-based solution. The data is hosted on Swiss Servers in Geneva and Lausanne. Free CRM are tools which you don’t know where the data is hosted. InvestGlas with it’s banking know-how will safely host your data so your donor’s data is safely stored.

Automation for donor management

InvestGlass’ automation capabilities are some of the best in the business. Based on your donor profile, InvestGlass CRM will send email responses and invite you to an event. Any fundraising operations should benefit from a simple streamline processes. InvestGlass’ automation capabilities will save you time and money in the long run, making it an invaluable tool for any business. InvestGlass offers a wide range of automation for banks and insurance. For example, InvestGlass can automate the approval process, donor outreach, email responses, event creation, or follow-up notifications. InvestGlass also offers a template feature that allows you to create complex automation. InvestGlass is the perfect tool for banks and insurance companies who want to improve their customer service.
Approval process

Fundraising Campaigns tool

InvestGlass Campaign is the easiest way to fundraise. It’s a digital investing platform that lets you set up a campaign and invite friends, family, and new donors to invest in your cause. InvestGlass Campaign is different from other crowdfunding platforms because it allows you to keep all of the money you raise. The Campaign tool will help you for event planning and donation management. The tool connects to our direct mail to offer efficient marketing outreach. The Campaign tool donation management tool is the easiest way to track donations. It’s a cloud-based software that allows you to track donations in real-time, from anywhere in the world. The Campaign tool produced custom reports to track donor information and volunteer management efforts to raise money. The campaign tool will reduce fundraising efforts.

Integrate your charity organisation with your other apps

API are the protocols that allow different software to talk with each other. We use the open REST API. You don’t need special coding skills, just use your browser to send and receive data.
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