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InvestGlass provides the tools to create a scaling experience for private markets. retain clients through a white labelled investor portal. reduce risk by controlLing investor experiences from start to investment.
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During the past 10 years, the private market completely changed. CRM technology is used by private equity firms to maximize data management, investment strategy, analytics, and reporting. CRM for private equity templates enable automating the entire customer journey with features such as deal pipeline, data enrichment, knowledge sharing, and investment opportunities assessment. Customer relationship management software puts clients at the center of the network. Indeed, vice president or fund managers are storing a large amount of data on client relationships. A CRM system is thus primordial to process this data correctly and timely.


Ideal CRM solution for a private equity firm

InvestGlass provides the means and ends to overcome the challenge of digitalization within the private equity industry with private equity CRM software. We offer an all-in-one CRM solution ranging from marketing automation to automated decisions and investments. Send a personalized email to your customers to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Build trust by instantly communicating news and opportunities with your clients and managing their ever-changing requirements via forms and reports. Digitalize your onboarding processes and KYC.

Our private equity clients usually host the CRM solution on their server behind their firewalls. InvestGlass is also offered as a cloud-based solution hosted in Geneva and Lausanne. Our open API enables easy integration of partners and specific business processes. CRM platforms are built to automate your network growth, act as a robot advisor, manage your new lead, and offer the benefits of total security. Book a demo today and capitalize on the digitalization trend.



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