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The Premier Swiss Solution for DORA Governance and Compliance

InvestGlass Provides the Top Alternative to US Clouds: Opt for Swiss Cloud Hosting or Use Your Own Servers.

Switzerland Sovereignty first

Why Choose InvestGlass CRM?

Swiss Precision and Security

Switzerland is renowned for its stringent data protection laws and commitment to privacy. InvestGlass CRM leverages these principles, ensuring that your data is handled with the highest level of security and confidentiality. Our Swiss-based servers and adherence to local data protection regulations make InvestGlass CRM a trustworthy choice for sensitive financial information.

DORA Compliance

InvestGlass CRM is built with DORA compliance at its core. The Digital Operational Resilience Act aims to strengthen the IT security of financial entities, and our CRM system is designed to meet and exceed these requirements. By choosing InvestGlass CRM, you can be confident that your operations are resilient against digital disruptions, cyber threats, and other operational risks.

Comprehensive Features

InvestGlass CRM is more than just a customer relationship management tool. It offers a suite of features designed to enhance your business operations.

The Geopolitical Alternative

InvestGlass CRM offers a secure, efficient, and compliant solution for businesses seeking an alternative to US-based CRM systems in a world where geopolitical considerations are increasingly crucial. Designed and developed in Switzerland, InvestGlass CRM aligns perfectly with DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) governance and compliance requirements, providing peace of mind and robust functionality for financial institutions and enterprises.

Swiss Quality – Swiss Trust First

Key Factors to Examine on Your InvestGlass Compliance Journey

When embarking on your compliance journey with InvestGlass, it’s imperative to look ahead and establish measures that strengthen your privacy stance in the face of evolving local laws. Given that adherence to compliance has become the new standard for managing customer data, businesses must be proactive.

Local data regulations are compelling companies to critically assess their treatment of client data. This includes evaluating how you handle sensitive customer details, and figuring out ways to foster trust by providing increased transparency, visibility, and control over client PII. A reliable InvestGlass data residency solution will aid in addressing these concerns.

Why is privacy so crucial? It’s the cornerstone of trust. And in the world of business, trust is a key driver behind sustained success and a loyal clientele.

It’s undeniable that data protection regulations are rapidly becoming a staple in today’s landscape, and cannot be sidelined. For those leveraging InvestGlass, the onus is on them to protect customer data and find solutions that cater to InvestGlass data residency, ensuring compliance with laws dictating where client information is housed. Solutions like InCountry can greatly assist in this arena.

A Comprehensive Solution to Automate Cloud Data Compliance for InvestGlass – On premise

With the integration of On Premise for InvestGlass, you can confidently store InvestGlass data across over 90 countries, even situating different records in separate nations. This ensures an InvestGlass data residency solution wherever your business touches, allowing you to maximize all the advantages of InvestGlass while still adhering to both regulatory and internal guidelines, notably:

  • On-Premise offerings are HIPAA compliant and PCI DSS certified, which means by integrating it with InvestGlass, you can significantly fast-track your compliance journey, bypassing potential lengthy development phases.
  • With On-Premise for InvestGlass, you have the flexibility to store data either entirely in specific countries or maintain a real-time duplicate in a designated nation, contingent on the applicable regulatory framework.
  • We facilitate a fluid data residency process by aiding companies in their integration with InvestGlass through operations such as object writes, detailed view reads, list view readings, and federated searches.
  • For those prioritizing utmost security, we offer optional full encryption utilizing the robust NIST standard SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption protocols.
  • By leveraging our solution, you significantly mitigate potential risks and decrease the total ownership cost linked to your infrastructure.

The importance of data security and privacy in the digital age

In the digital age, data security and privacy are more important now than ever before. With the increasing use of technology throughout our daily lives, it is essential that individuals, businesses and governments protect themselves from data theft, scams and malicious attacks. Fortunately, ensuring secure data storage is an achievable goal if adequate security measures are taken. President Cassis’s goal to strengthen Switzerland’s capacity to act in the digital space by prioritizing digital sovereignty takes this into account by emphasizing the protection of personal and business data from outside influences. Digital sovereignty also helps countries defend their autonomy in the ever-evolving tech world while providing a secure platform for economic activities.

Digital sovereignty is a complex issue that has become increasingly important in the digital age. President Cassis’ plans to strengthen Switzerland’s capacity to act in the digital space are ambitious and will require considerable investment and effort. However, if successful, they will benefit businesses and citizens alike. Some challenges that need to be addressed include data security and privacy, but if these can be overcome, digital sovereignty will be a major asset for Switzerland in the years to come.

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