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For traders, CRM is a must-have! It helps you keep track of all your trades and what you’re doing with them. It can also help you stay on top of the markets by allowing you to set up notifications for when certain events happen like changing prices or new announcements. To get started, just head over to InvestGlass where there’s a wide variety of CRM options available for free trial periods!

Trading and distribution companies need smart CRM

Trading desk can leverage artificial intelligence to be more competitive. InvestGlass offers a smart pipeline to filter deal opportunities by stage and probability of closing. Top trading companies are turning to a smart CRM systems for better performance.

Connect your CRM to your trading software

InvestGlass offers API connection to trading software like Bloomberg, Refinitiv, and Tradingscreen Quo and forex brokers solutions. The solutions are connected via API and capture all your trading activities. This automation reduces errors and dual logs into your trading CRM.

InvestGlas inventory module to push the best ideas

The inventory collects all the best trading ideas, equities, bonds, NFT, to suggest sales orders to your team and your customers. The system is fully customizable and will help you along with your presale module. Your ledgers are connected to contact reports which will send messages for specific price event or margin calls.

InvestGlass CRM is a game changer in the trader’s room

You don’t have to go it alone! InvestGlass offers an easy way for traders, brokers, and other distribution firms to manage their efforts. You will leverage artificial intelligence which will find the right information at the right time and help you generate an individualized investment proposal.

Investment proposals are then sent to the marketing campaigns manager that will send hyper-individualized solicitations. With a cutting-edge email scheduler, you will always send emails when the open rate is at the highest level. Your marketing team will love the cloud-based approach and personal experiences solutions.

Market research is synchronised into InvestGlass content management solutions. Each item, security can be commented via a collaborative chat embed inside the CRM software.

InvestGlass embeds contracts and invoice modules you will customize to your business specifics.

Connect your CRM for trading to your existing tools

InvestGlass offers an open admin panel that helps you connect to global shipment module, metaquotes software, presales module, warehouse management software, inventory management, third-party trading platforms, and real-time pricing.

With InvestGlass you will leverage the best CRM for traders. The platform can be used on the cloud in Switzerland or on your premises. Contact us for on-premise details and full customization.



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