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The global healthcare CRM market is lately developing at a higher rate than previously. This is created by CRM solutions recognizing the current necessities of healthcare providers and healthcare professionals to cope with business data. The current pandemic exacerbated the trend and healthcare organization demands electronic health records.

Challenge of healthcare CRM software

Indeed, the pandemic has disrupted the health and life sciences industry to the extreme and tighten the pressure on CRM adoption in the healthcare industry. For years, health care services’ interest in CRM was increasing for multiple reasons. First, the communication prior, during, and after the care is always cumbersome. Second, assessing electronic medical records and the identification process is complex and errors may occur. Third, monitoring performance from healthcare staff is extremely difficult and time-consuming. In addition, the medical team can use the healthcare CRM as a task management tool and improve patient care. Finally, automation is a huge component needed by the industry to enhance efficiency.

The CRM has been built to connect with your legacy systems while making sure that medical teams will find all services needed such as automated messaging frees, marketing tools, medical history, and a clear patient data screening solution. Making InvestGlass a complete healthcare CRM system.

The current health and social crisis have augmented the importance of digital transformation and efficient time and team management from healthcare companies. One of the main concerns remains, however, the question of data security and compliance, even if healthcare CRM systems may be the best tool to protect patients’ health information.


It’s all about Patient Satisfaction

InvestGlass’s adaptability is key when considering the platform’s role in the healthcare industry. Yet, the all-in-one solution offers the ideal applicability to the health services as the creation of client portals can ease communication as well as patient record and identification approvals. InvestGlass approval processes can automate the entire workflow and ease staff administrative burden. Monitoring characteristics can also help assess staff performance as well as their involvement and feedback. Post appointment feedback surveys can automatically be filled and send to patients as well as automating the creation of contact reports for each stage of the patient’s journey.

The CRM tools are bundled to a patient portal which is key to collect patient intake and share medical billing, medical histories, and more. Indeed the patient is king! Patient records are easily accessible for existing patients and the creation of records is quick and effortless. This easiness enhances your patient service. Prevention can also be strengthened by sending emails via a targeted marketing campaign to targeted groups with health tips and best medical practices. Educational event alerts are even actionable automatically for nurses to enhance and develop their skills.

InvestGlass offers best-in-class onboarding digitalization as well as Pipeline and Order Management System. The pipeline system enables medication management which is vital to manage the patient relationship. The all-in-one solution possibilities for the health industry are enhanced by premade templates and an invoice system that considers the time taken for each patient.

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