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Challenge of dental practice CRM software

Indeed, the pandemic has disrupted the health and life sciences industry to the extreme and tighten the pressure on CRM adoption in said industry. For years, health care services’ interest in CRM was increasing for multiple reasons. First, the communication prior, during, and after the care is always cumbersome. Second, assessing electronic medical records and the identification process is complex and errors may occur. Third, monitoring the performance of dental practice staff is extremely difficult and time-consuming. In addition, the medical team can use the dental practice CRM as a task management tool and improve patient care. Finally, automation is a huge component needed by the industry to enhance efficiency. The CRM for dentists has been built to connect with your legacy systems while making sure that medical teams will find all services needed such as automated messaging frees, marketing tools, medical history, and a clear patient data screening solution. Making InvestGlass a complete dental practice CRM system. The current health and social crisis have augmented the importance of digital transformation and efficient time and team management from dental practice companies. One of the main concerns remains, however, the question of data security and compliance, even if dental practice CRM systems may be the best tool to protect patients’ health information.

Automation of time consuming processes

InvestGlass’ automation capabilities are some of the best in the business. InvestGlass takes your CRM and makes it work for you by automating many of the tedious, routine tasks, follow ups, and time-consuming tasks that come with managing a CRM. Automation can be set up for things like the approval process, email responses, event creation, or follow-up on slow response. InvestGlass’ templates feature combined with its automating processes make it one of the most powerful CRMs on the dental CRM market. InvestGlass’ automation capabilities will save you time and money in the long run, making it an invaluable tool for any business. InvestGlass offers a wide range of automation for dental clinic and independent dentists. InvestGlass offers a one system solution collecting all data : prospective patients, appointments, and set alerts for teeth whitening.

Pre-built onboarding for new patients and patient satisfaction survey

InvestGlass’s digital onboarding feature helps you collect information from your new patients and existing clients quickly and easily. It’s the perfect tool to collect customer information. InvestGlass allows you to create digital forms that can be completed by your patients and clients online. The forms are easily embedded into your website. InvestGlass also includes a digital signature and appointments schedule. This makes it easy to get the information you need from your prospects and clients without having to print out forms or send them by mail. InvestGlass’s digital onboarding feature is a valuable tool for any investor who wants to save time and simplify the onboarding process.

Email/SMS marketing campaigns

With our email/SMS automation feature, you can send the right message to the right people at the right time, using automated workflows. This is extremely effective for lead nurturing and will ultimately help you drive sales from potential and existing customers alike. In addition, our marketing tools provide valuable insights and analytics that can help you fine-tune your marketing strategies for even greater success. The system keeps on nurturing your existing and lapsed patients so that you are always their obvious choice for further dental treatment. Sending email and or SMS will solve the “slow response” problems.

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