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Do you know what is Myers-Briggs type indicator?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that helps people learn more about themselves and how they interact with others. This can be helpful for those who are planning on going into the workplace, considering starting a new business, or just want to gain an understanding of their own personal preferences. The MBTI was developed by mother and daughter Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers in the 1940s during World War II as part of a larger effort to help women who were entering the workforce find jobs that suited them best.

Personality type invented by Isabel Briggs Myers

Both Myers and Briggs were fascinated by Jung’s theory of psychological types and recognized that the theory could have real-world applications. Jung archetype theories are still used today to describe personality types and how people interact with one another.

The MBTI is a questionnaire that measures four sets of traits:

E – Extraversion vs Introversion; N – iNtuition vs Sensing; T- Thinking vs Feeling, J-Judging vs Perceiving. There are 16 different personalities.

The Myers Briggs theory reveal 16 types

Each type is then listed by its four-letter code:

ISTJ – The Inspector

ISTP – The Crafter

ISFJ – The Protector

ISFP – The Artist

INFJ – The Advocate

INFP – The Mediator

INTJ – The Architect

INTP – The Thinker

ESTP – The Persuader

ESTJ – The Director

ESFP – The Performer

ESFJ – The Caregiver

ENFP – The Champion

ENFJ – The Giver

ENTP – The Debater

ENTJ – The Commander

Taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can provide a lot of insight into your personality, which is probably why the instrument has become so enormously popular. Even without taking the formal questionnaire, you can probably immediately recognize some of these tendencies in yourself.

Matching personality types is key to build a stable team. You can collect this data by building with InvestGlass digital forms personality preferences. Building personality tests is easy can also help your team understanding personality type in a ludic way.

With only a few questions you can suggest career planning for your team as the test will reveal a unique personality. Most people will enjoy answering those questions.

The current version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator includes 93 forced-choice questions in the North American version and 88 forced-choice questions in the European version. For each question, there are two different options from which the respondent must choose.

Turn your MBTI into digital with InvestGlass Digital Forms

No programming is needed to build onboarding forms. Indeed, onboarding, which is cumbersome and time exhaustive, becomes fast and easy with InvestGlass. The personalization of forms and surveys, as well as the already available templates, convey an easy process in which efficiency is maximized for financial platforms.

InvestGlass’s experience and wide range of clients have impacted positively on realizing the need for a customizable offer. This feature is a latent component in the onboarding process that tailor your needs as you wish. 

Onboarding can be made solely digitally, solely manually (written by hand), or a combination of both. Incorporated into the CRM, few different well-know digital signatures are available. Yet, paper trails can remain under the condition that you type the relevant written add-on manually.

Get started with InvestGlass Digital Forms today!

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How to Create a Quiz Online?

Complying with regulations is a time-consuming, expensive endeavor. Often the best way to ensure full compliance is by having an expert guide you through the process. This blog post will outline how to create a quiz that ensures your employees are aware of all pertinent compliance requirements.

What kind of quiz would you like to create? Short, long, multiple-choice, or a matching game? Are you a small business or a freelancer? Whatever the case may be, we have 5 steps for creating an awesome quiz online! We will discuss how to get started with your design process and making it user-friendly. We also give some examples of quizzes that people love around the web so you can see what we’re talking about!

Step 1: Give your Quiz a Name

It is very important to give a name that will be interested enough to attract potential customers or users. Your name should be catchy but at the same time give a description of the topic you are about to discuss. Tags can be used on your prospect to build a personality quiz, or client risk classification if you are dealing with private banking business.

Step 2: Enter your questions and answers or use a prebuilt quiz template

If you are addressing your questions to students or investors, you should make sure that your questions are short. The best quizzes are short and easy to answer. But if you want a more in-depth quiz, it should be well organized with the right mix of theoretical questions and practical ones. Your questions should also focus on one topic rather than cover too many and too many answer options. Setpoint value to each answer to get points for correct answers. The data analysis will show you quickly respondents’ knowledge or preferences. The points will show you student progress and client risk level. Scoring is flexible with the four mathematical operators +- / x. At last, don’t forget to ask respondents their email address or name to make sure that you will know who answered the survey.

Step 3: Customize your online quiz design with a zero-code quiz maker

Investglass templates can be changed to customize your forms with your own colors, background in preview, save, submit buttons. Personality quizzes can be colored. The branding is fully customizable. Customization is particularly important if you are hosting your quiz on your website for lead capture. You can select multiple question types and connect the correct answer to CRM categories, tags, or CRM fields. This direct link to InvestGlass CRM is extremely powerful!

Step 4: Share your Quiz

The “trivia quiz” can be shared on social media, your website, or via email. If you are using your website; your website should be secured with an SSL – HTTPS. You can restrict the hosting parameter in the options settings to make sure that only in the designated website your form will be visible. You will spend few minutes reading all options in the settings tab to understand options for your quiz.

Before you activate the quiz, try to check if the font size and the text look good. Make sure that the point value is coherent and the question type is suited to your quiz mindset. It’s important to collect answers or feedback that your leads or users understand your top priority.

Step 5: Play, and watch your statistics for educator or compliance officer

Responses are collected into InvestGlass which will record any information from basic lead captures to complex question types. As you collect email addresses, at the end of the question you can also forward feedback to your respondents. Multiple users can be notified when quiz results are generated.

Have you ever wanted to find out more about what your customers or prospects are thinking? If so, then we may have the tool for you. InvestGlass is a quiz-based survey that can be used in many different ways. You might use it as an educational exercise to teach someone something new about themselves and their cognitive biases, such as how they make decisions based on emotion vs logic.

It’s the perfect product to build math quiz, classroom quiz, trivia quizzes, compliance classification, lead capture, customer survey. No programming skills are required.

Or maybe you want to know why people aren’t buying from your site like they did last year (or this morning). In these cases, InvestGlass could help by letting you ask questions that will reveal some of those hidden insights into customer behavior and attitudes towards your product. Contact us today!

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Web Forms: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will detail everything you need to know about embedding InvestGlass web forms into your website!

What are web forms?

A webform is one of the main points of interaction between a user and a website. The controls can be single or multi-line text fields, buttons, checkboxes, or radio buttons. They should fit your business’s needs and help you gather the information you want from your leads. The forms are mostly created using the element, but there are some other elements to learn about too. There’s no single way to create a web form, so there are several tools and software programs that can help you create your forms.

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Basic to Designing your web form

Designing forms is an important step when you are building a site or application. The bigger your form, the more you risk losing users. In this article, we’ll make a simple contact form with three text fields and one button. We are asking the user for their name, their e-mail, and the message they want to send. We suggest you use Investglass as this will protect yourself and your business with Swiss digital sovereignty. Of course, using Google Sheets is free and easier however meaningful data should be stored in legislation you trust. F

InvestGlass back end servers are hosted in Switzerland. If you’re a large institution, like a large bank, a no for profit organization, or a central government departments, we offer a solution that you can host directly on your server. This solution is used by local authorities when they wish to create surveys or verify the trustworthiness of citizen identity.

For banks and financial institutions, we are often advising to start with a very small welcome form. This form should include first name, last name and email, phone but not more… then we advise you to connect to a name check or face recognition tool such as ONFIDO. Once information is recorded inside Investglass CRM, you will use email automation to send a confirmation with a mobile number, or via an email notification. This is a great feature to make sure that new leads will properly record their information.

Digital onboarding InvestGlass
Digital onboarding InvestGlass

Don’t need a visual studio express, InvestGlass is a node code form solution?

With InvestGlass Swiss Cloud – no programming is needed to build onboarding forms. Indeed, onboarding, which is cumbersome and time-exhaustive, becomes fast and easy with InvestGlass. The personalization of forms and surveys, as well as the already available templates, convey an easy process in which efficiency is maximized for financial platforms.

InvestGlass’s experience and wide range of clients have impacted positively on realizing the need for a customizable offer. This feature is a latent component in the onboarding process that tailors your needs as you wish. We build neobank solutions.

Onboarding can be made solely digitally, solely manually (written by hand), or a combination of both. Incorporated into the CRM, few different well-known digital signatures are available. Yet, paper trails can remain under the condition that you type the relevant written add-on manually.

Data access is possible with the forms, then your customers don’t need to re-input a second time already answered questions. Forms can be used to simply capture email addresses but it can also be used as complex building blocks for account opening or product subscriptions.

Forms are fully customizable so you can decide if you wish to offer a safe, a reset, or a submit button. Forms are also a very affordable alternative to expensive web applications. With a fully customizable user interface, you will color your form with your own company colors. You just need to create your webpages, then embed Investglass form, HTML elements, within your website.

What are Web and mobile environments?

Forms and form fields are built-in form designs built for mobile phones. You should make sure that clear instructions are properly visible for any type of user. Onboarding with web forums should be easy to use for Millennials or baby boomers. Forms from Investglass our HTML. HTML5 forms are embedded I-frames. You just need to make sure that your public website is using a security certificate known as SSL.

Mobile environments are requiring more customer data input and they’re asking for it in different ways. The typical mobile form field, such as a text field or a drop-down list, is easy to understand and use. But, some form fields are specific to mobile devices. For example, the date picker control is useful on a mobile device when you want. Make sure that relatively few changes are made to the form because you don’t want users to be confused about how to use your form. Put only relevant content inside these forms.

If you are using a form for data entry, make sure that the user experience is optimal on both web and mobile devices. Forms that work well on a desktop computer might not work well on a mobile phone or tablet.

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How to Create genuinely usable forms?

Building your own web forms is easy with a no-code approach. Form designs are easy to build and if you don’t have time, our Investglass team will dedicate specialists to save time on form building.

Web forms if they include legal aspects usually include conditional logic. This conditional logic is sometimes tricky for potential customers and we are used to building them for you. Featured recommendations will facilitate web for building. We can also test desktop scenarios, check error messages.

Insurance and financial industry we are also building what we call form packages. Four packages or bundles of forms. This ultimate form builder helps you to create a form container with multiple forms inside. Once the forms are filled in, Green notification will help bankers or clients to assess forms completeness. The

The InvestGlass team can also help you to set up your very own form packages.

A form builder is a visual tool that you can use to create, customize, and publish forms. With a form builder, you can quickly create forms that look great and work well on any device. You can also easily customize the forms to meet your specific customer life cycle.

Are you ready to test the forms builder?


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8 Simple Tips for Creating Better Onboarding Forms with InvestGlass

InvestGlass is the best onboarding form creator on the internet, and it’s for a reason. Our platform has helped +80 companies create better forms, get more conversions, and make more money– all in less time than you would have spent doing this yourself with standalone form tools.

Here are 8 tips that will help you do the same!

1. Make your form – digital tools – as short and succinct as possible

In real life, people hate to answer questions. So you better have a very short Digital form. We suggest usually limiting to a maximum of 30 questions. People have to understand also why they are answering your questionnaire. Make sure that they understand what you demand. Questions have to be simple enough and you can also add some video to make sure that your form will be lively.

2. Keep the questions relevant to what you are looking for

Make sure that your questions are short and if you think it’s necessary you can add also a description. No, only use a description when you believe that investors, employees, new prospects would need to understand a question to clear up ambiguity. The form is made for basic forms to collect answer but also to build your own robo advisor.

3. Use clear, straightforward language that is easy to understand

You can also use emoji’s, emojis are helpful to convey an emotion or even charge a meeting. They will give an intonation that the text might not be revealing.

Obviously, if you’re using forms for Sirius and boarding like Banks you might not be excited by does marketing tricks. Now, this can also show another face of your marketing. Why not trying?

4. Include an option of not answering any question if it feels uncomfortable or irrelevant

If you’re asking a question that could be difficult to answer we suggest you use the radio button or job down with fixed answers. This will prevent clients’ hesitation to finish the form or having them answering with a vague answer.

5. Offer incentives to fill out forms, such as discounts on future purchases or free shipping 

You can nudge people to finish the questionnaire with something that halfway through, boards near the end. Whatever is your questionnaire, it should not take more than 15 minutes to be answered.

6. Host the digital onboarding tools platform where you need them to be

InvestGlass offers digital portal onboarding tools which can be hosted directly into your WordPress websites but also into any other WIX or Drupal. InvestGlass offers also its’ own client portal digital onboarding solution.

If you’re looking to connect via email you can use the InvestGlass power email system to send the forms embedded into each individual email. That’s right – each email will be linked to an individual form!

7. Leverage InvetGlass client portal – #1 Swiss Based CRM

The idea is to ask the right question to the right customer at the right time. Collecting visitors’ feedback, opening bank accounts, onboarding new employees. All those forms can be built with minutes with Investglass. Investglass is a Swiss-based CRM which means that all the data remains on the switch server. The best part is that you will save paper!

8. From form submission to automation

Once you collected all those answers you want to trigger another functionality you want to trigger a business process. InvestGlass has automation functions and powerful productivity tools which are triggered once your visitors, your investors submitted their answers. For example, once you submit a form you wish that this customer signs with a 2-factor authentification electronic signature or you wish to set the prospect with a sales pipeline to start the customer journey… This is simple and easy to build with InvestGlass and our partners’ solutions.

After you collected that information, the automation feature can also analyze the collected data and share alerts to your head of sales or head of compliance if a field is triggering a risk signal. This is very useful if you are doing a KYC PEP sanctions check. We can connect with a tool called Polixis for that robotic process automation. InvestGlass form will include: save, review, remote access on any device browser, payments link, score, performance, and analytics functionalities. Our technology is a pure swiss based CRM PMS.

Now that you have learned how to make forms more engaging and effective, it’s time to get our hands dirty. Ready? Let’s capture those emails. In order to do this, we need a form for people who are interested in hearing from us about products or services they might be looking for as well as one of these specialty versions depending on what your business is all about: newsletter signup (newsletters), lead generation (sales leads) or customer service inquiries.

We hope you find the perfect fit!


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